Is PS’ Tynkkynen aiming to be the top MP with the most ethnic agitation convictions?

by , under Enrique Tessieri

What are we to make of Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP Sebastian Tynkkynen’s hate speech convictions? An Oulu appeals court upheld the PS MP’s second conviction for ethnic agitation. The first one was handed in 2017.

Two convictions are a pretty dark stain in an ordinary party, but for the PS, it may be a feather in one’s cap.

Tynkkynen may face further charges in a third hate speech case.

Is he planning to be the top MP with the most hate speech convictions?

It sure looks that way.

One of the most distasteful matters to read about ethnic agitation convictions are the excuses.

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Writes Yle News: “He had argued that the post was political expression that was protected by freedom of speech. Tynkkynen also claimed that the text only referred to certain individuals, and did not imply that terrorism is unique to Islam.”

Tynkkynen plans to appeal the ruling to the supreme court and to the European Court of Human Rights.

The announcement by the PS MP clearly shows how little he understands what freedom of speech is. They act in such a hostile way for two reasons: they are bullies and political opportunists.

If politicians like Tynkkynen had their way, vulnerable minorities like Muslims would be put in a shooting gallery and attacked in the most hostile way possible.

It would be naive to think that words don’t have consequences.

The appearance of an Islamophobic party during this decade that spreads white supremacy and hate speech wholesale should concern us all.

Hate speech is a toxic fruit.