“Integration” Denmark style: Eat your racist cake and have it

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Integration Minister Inger Stojberg celebrates the fiftieth amendment to tighten immigration policy. Yes, the “integration” minister celebrated by buying a cake to tell her constituents that in Denmark we celebrate when we pass laws that make migrants’ and asylum seekers’ lives more difficult.

She writes on her Facebook wall:

“Today I got the 50th amendment to tighten immigration controls ratified. This needs celebrating!”

Even if some would want to throw the cake in the picture in her face, we should thank Stojberg for revealing the undercurrent of white nativist privilege and power in the Nordic region. Denmark is one toxic example.

No, Stojberg isn’t a member of the xenophobic Danish People’s Party (DPP) but a member of the Liberal Party. Yes, “liberal,” what ever that means in today’s Denmark.

Matters have gotten so out of hand in Denmark that politicians like Stojberg compete against the DPP to be crowned the most xenophobic. Even parties like the Social Democrats are no different.

Xenophobia is like a drug for Danish politicians. They need their daily fix like Stojberg’s cake.

The integration minister’s cake is another example of Denmark as not only a country that is xenophobic but one that is xenophobic on steroids. Read full post here.

Stojberg’s cake has been commented on widely in social media. Even the New York Times wrote about it.

The daily writes: “As in other European countries like the Netherlands and France, Denmark has been embroiled in a simmering culture war over national identity. The clash has been partly fed by the far-right anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party, which has played on fears of immigration and warned that migrants and Muslims in particular are challenging the Danish way of life.”

While this type of racism in Denmark is nothing new, it will face challenges as our Nordic societies become ever-culturally and ethnically diverse. We’ll see this period and Stojberg’s cake in the same way as historians see the oppression of blacks and other minorities in the United States before the Civil Rights Movement.

Stojberg’s cake is utterly shameful and reprehensible. Source: New York Times.