How to fool customers by changing the expired sell-by dates of your products

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales has exposed how an Espoo-Helsinki-based food distributor allegedly pays asylum seekers under the table. The company’s name, which the authorities know, allegedly threatens asylum seekers to do their dirty work, like change the sell-by date of its products. 

The company in question allegedly told one of these asylum seekers that it had employed that it would report the person to the police if it did not change the expired sell-by date of its products.

The asylum seekers had two rejections for asylum and deportation proceedings were hanging over his head.

Let us show you how this company changes the sell-by dates of one of its many products.

  1. Remove the whole flour (chakki atta) from a pink bag;

  2. Use nail-polish remover to erase the old sell-by date with a fake date;

  3. Put the chakki atta flour back in the same bag you took them out of and sew the bag so nobody will suspect a thing.

1.  Take the expired chakki atta whole flour from the pink bag.

2. Changing the sell-by date is easy. In the extreme left picture, it reads that the whole flour (chakki atta) in the bag was packaged on 22 Jan. 17 and should be sold by 21 Oct 17. With some nail remover and a cloth (second picture) wipe the old dates off the package. Use a stamp with new dates and, presto, the product has a fake sell-by date. How much profit does this company make on these products?

3. A sewing machine and fake sell-by dates make the product look new.