Helsingin Sanomat’s Saarikoski should seek facts and not rely on his prejudices

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The tweet by Saksa Saarikoski of Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s biggest daily, represents to the tee how our society has changed and become ever-suspicious of asylum seekers.

Finland’s interior minister, Maria Ohisalo, has correctly criticized the EU for its lame and disastrous asylum policy. The suggestion that Ohisalo wants to bring refugee minors from the island of Lesvos to Finland has – surprise, surprise – unleashed a torrent of debate.

Saarikoski’s tweet below picture well the integrity of the ongoing debate: “I understand that we must help children, but is a fast lane to bring 16-17-year-olds [to Finland] reasonable? Doesn’t that encourage a system where the child is sent first, and then the family arrives later? That puts children in harm’s way and to exploitation.”

Really, Saarikoski? Do you have any proof? Are all children sent to the EU aim to help their families come to the EU?

Erna Bodström gives Saarikoski an answer: “Hey Saska, if you want facts, why don’t you find out instead of tweeting without knowing [what you are talking about]? As a journalist, you have learned how to find facts.”

When a journalist at Finland’s largest daily makes such comments about asylum seeker minors, it reveals something worrying about our society: We are hostages to our racism and crippled to change our point of view.”

A dumb question: What the f**k is wrong if a person wants to migrate or flee violence for a better life and future?

What is wrong with these people who want to rob people of this right?