Global Family Awards 2019

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We had a great night at the Global Family Awards in Helsinki on Tuesday at the World Human Rights Day 2019.

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We heard wonderful music by Liikkukaa – Sports For All chair Mr. Ike Chime and a warm welcome speech by Rasmus Ry chair Dr. Faith Mkwesha, as well as inspiring spoken word performances by Susheela Daniel.

See Susheela Daniels program (in Finnish) here:

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We began the evening in the spirit of the Finnish ‘Pikkujoulu´, organised by Rasmus Ry and with a discussion on Anti-Racist work in past, now and future facilitated by the wonderful Ajak Majok. We discussed representation, responsibilities of government, volunteers and activists, as well as privilege and saviorism, different ways to call out allies and authorities and the need for structures and networks.

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As always we awarded individuals and groups for their outstanding work against racism and for social equality and human rights. Member of the Espoo City Council Mrs. Habiba Ali led us through the program.

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The awardees were:  

Award for civil courage and global responsibility:

Mr. Riku Riski

Riku Riski as a successful football player set an example for Global Responsibility during 2019. He gave up his place in the national team for ethical reasons, not travelling to the teams training camp in Qatar. According to Amnesty International reports the building of the football stadiums in Qatar involves human rights violations, many immigrant workers have their passports taken and have found their death in Qatar.

Read the article here

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Lifetime achievement award

Ikechukwu Ude-Chime

Ike Chime is a published writer, artist and radio presenter. He has promoted diversity in Finland for over thirty years. As organiser of events and demonstrations, media persona and member of the Olympic Committees workgroup against racism. He has also been an active supporter, volunteer and chairman of many NGOs.

Find his book here

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Political Integrity Award:

Ozan Yanar, MP

Ozan Yanar, as a former member of parliament, he has always stood up for a dynamic and diverse society and against racism. As such he has been a beacon of hope for many minority members.

Read one of his brave statements here 

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Anti-Racist Promotion Awards:

Afrofinns Ry

Afrofinns Ry has now for several years done an amazing job in bringing the African Voice in Finland to the general public, unite the community and support African entrepreneurship in Finland. As part of the Rasmus Ry project to promote diversity they also created this wonderful video

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Award for groundbreaking anti-racist research:

“Pysäytätyt Resaarch Project”

 The Helsinki University Research Group exposed the practises of ethnic profiling and the consequences on the communities.

Find their research report here

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The awards were handed over by Mr. Sampo Villanen, Dr. Faith Mkwesha, Mr. Christian Thibault and Mr. Ike Chime

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We like to thank all our participants, volunteers, supporters and congratulate all the awardees.

You have all done an outstanding job!

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Rasmus Ry is the Finnish national network against racism and Xenophobia, promoting equity and human rights.

LIIKKUKAA – SPORTS FOR ALL is Finlands national umbrella for more than 70 organisations promoting equitable cultural diversity in Finnish society through sports, leisure and culture.

As part of this endeavour, the organisations annually distribute the Member of the Global Family Awards together

The prize aims to recognise individuals and communities for their contribution to promote an equal, fair, open-minded and international Finland. The prize has been awarded since 1998.

Former awardees have amongst others been:

Director of the Bank of Finland Mr. Erkki Liikanen

Journalist and writer,  Umayya Abu Hanna

Mr. Thomas Elfgren

Mr. Peik Johanson


Entrepreneur,  Michelle Sujballi

Enterprise, Finnlayson Oy

Football Club, SJK Seinäjoki

Member of parliament, Mrs. Eva Biaudet

Artist, Mr. Karri “Paleface” Miettinen

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