Finnish police do not rule out hate crime in Teuva against a Muslim

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Detective Chief Inspector Jari-Matti Marttala confirmed to Migrant Tales today that investigations are still ongoing concerning the assault by residents of Teuva of a Muslim and his four passengers.

“We are still interviewing people, and we have not ruled out the possibility of a hate crime,” said Marttala. “Everything is still at hand…let’s say that it will take at least weeks [before we conclude our investigation] so we can get a full picture [of what happened] and all the parties heard.”

Migrant Tales spoke with the victim, who ended up in the hospital after being attacked and beaten by locals.

“The police have come to my home three times and once in the hospital,” he said. “One older man said while they were beating me that I should ask Allah for help.”

The victim said that he and his friends were insulted because of their ethnic background.

“I told them [in Teuva] that is wasn’t nice what they were doing,” the victim said earlier. “I asked them why do you speak in [a racist manner] that way to us because we don’t want any problems.”

Teuva is a small town located in the southern Ostrobothnian region close to the city of Seinäjoki 80km away. Despite the welcomes and tourist information, Teuva showed its ugly racist face against five people. The driver, who is a Muslim, was rushed to the hospital after he was beaten by the locals. Read the full document here.

Below are the ugly footprints of a suspected hate crime.

“Mamu” is a derrogatory word for foreigner in Finland. Source: Facebook.
The interior of the car that was attacied by Teuva locals. Source: Facebook.
Soure: Facebook.