Finland’s Islamophobic party, the PS, is a huge fan of Donald Trump and authoritarianism

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There is one clear message from the tweets and picture below with Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MPs Jussi Halla-aho, Mike Niikko, Vilhelm Junnila and Veikko Vallin: THEY LOVE TRUMP.

How could the PS fall for a man like outgoing US President Donald Trump who has no respect for the rule of law (unless it benefits him) and refuses the outcome of the election result he squarely lost?

Reporter Mehdi Hasan synthesizes to Ivanka Trump who outgoing US President Donald Trump is:

Should we be surprised that the PS is the only party in parliament openly supporting Trump and other autocrats in Hungary and Poland?

Not really considering that the PS is a similar type of party with little regard for democracy and human rights.

Ville Tavio is the head of the Perussuomalaiset parliamentary group. In the tweet above he shows his “love” for Poland’s de facto ruler Jarosław Kaczyński and Hungarian Prime Minister and strongman Viktor Orbán. Source: Twitter

Like Tavio, PS MEP Laura Huhtasaari commonly shows her support for Trump as in the tweets blow.

Tweets Halla-aho: “Trump is the best thing that happened in a long time to the United States and to the west. Tweets MP Niikko: “Trump’s campaign is similar to what the PS does. Trump has spiritual superiority. And then Russian premier Vladimir Putin: “Trump is a very qualified leader. His vitality enables him to do away with viruses.” Source: Mannerheim-projekti.
Thumbs up for Trump.

The PS’ unhinged support for Hungary and Poland caused an angry reaction from National Coalition Party head Petteri Orpo, who said last month that he would not mind forming a government with the PS and Halla-aho as the prime minister.

“If in their [the Perussuomalaiset] opinion democracy, freedom of speech and human rights aren’t important in the European Union,” Orpo was quoted as saying in MTV, “then, in my opinion, we accept totalitarianism.”