Finland’s interpretation of human rights is to turn you into an “undocumented migrant” and kick you out of the country – HELP!

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A distress call on Messenger Saturday by an Iraqi asylum seeker. The family lives in Ruovesi, which is located between Jyväskylä and Tampere. 

What do you say about a country that is willing to throw into the street and deport a three-and-a-half-month-old baby born in Finland? Let’s include another one-and-a-half-year-old child, a six-year-old girl, and a boy, who is eight. What about if we add their parents as well?

This isn’t a true story from a country like Hungary or Serbia where asylum seekers are treated like animals but is happening at this moment in Finland, which claims to stand up for human rights. One such human right is the right to seek shelter.

Who is to blame?

The culprits are MPs who appeal to voters with their exposed or disguised hatred and ignorance of asylum seekers. When you act in such a way, you are going to cause harm and damage to real people like the family of six that will be kicked out from the asylum center in Ruovesi on March 23 and deported (see eviction letter below).

The eviction notice by the Red Cross sent to the Iraqi family.

The whole issue revolves around residence permits granted on humanitarian grounds, which was done away with last year by parliament. Now, after getting three rejections, but in the case of this family after two rejections, you become undocumented and must leave the country with an offer you cannot refuse from the police: leave “voluntarily” or by force.

One of the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party’s main goals in government was to do away with the clause that offered residence permits to asylum seekers on humanitarian grounds.

The PS succeeded last year when law 2/2016 was approved thus causing the number of undocumented migrants to soar from a few hundred to the thousands. It wasn’t only the PS and its government parters, the Center Party and National Coalition Party (NCP), which voted in favor of the law. In that group you’ll find the majority of Social Democratic and Christian Democratic MPs.

One of these MPs that voted in favor of the law is a former refugee, Nasima Razmyar, of the Social Democratic Party.

It is not only in bad taste, but even sinister, when government members like NCP Interior Minister Paula Risikko claim that these undocumented migrants pose a threat to Finland.

Who has made turned them into a so-called threat? How did they become destitute and who wants to forsake them?

The government (PS, Center Party and NCP) and two opposition parties (Social Democrats and Christian Democrats).

The Finnish name for the Finns Party is the Perussuomalaiset (PS). The English names of the party adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We, therefore, prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings. The direct translation of “Perussuomalaiset” is “basic” or “fundamental Finn.” 


  1. Finland is a hateful country

    Bitter facts, bitter facts, world is watching you Finland !

    And world and universe will not mercy on Finland when storms and wars and terrorists attacking to Finland, because everybody is watching the truth and everybody is keeping silent, it is not a show, its reality, its LIFE, family, mother, father, children, young men, old men… you deport them to bomb not to Iraq ! ! !
    You deport them to death ,
    You deport them to tomb,

    No one will mercy at you woe on you woe on you Finand, shame and balme on you.

    ***An offer you cannot refuse from the police: leave “voluntarily” or by force***

    Finnish police is a facist racist police, terrorists polices are every where in Helsinki and all villages and cities, they are all wolves, hungry wild wolves, vampires, finnish police can not breath without its uniform, they are most cowards without their uniforms and ID , people should get in union, foreigners and Finss for destroying Facist organiZations in this country, otherwise Police that is a virus on planet earth will eat Finland like a LEPROSY !

    Finnish police is doing crime after crime, people wake up wake up, what are you will doing when its your turn and late?

    Finland dont keep silent, dont give power to your enemies ! dont forget humanity, you all have family, children, wife, husband, brothers, sisters, if you dont mercy on others, then world will not mercy on you ! dont watch, open your mouth, dont afraid, be brave, make them all to escape in their hole like dirty wet mouses .

    Police is nothing when people are in union !
    All Racists Mp, parliament, and government, president, are nothing when people understand whats bad and whats good !

    Powers is in your hands, people wake up before its very much LATE ! you can, you can, stand up, stand up for humanity, you are yourself a human being, so stnad up for yours !

    • Joonas

      It seems quite inhuman to send a small children and their mother back to the warzone. It would be interesting to know what is the official reasoning behind this decision.

      “Finnish police is a facist racist police —- for destroying Facist organiZations in this country, otherwise Police that is a virus on planet earth will eat Finland like a LEPROSY !”

      Every law enforcement officers are obligated to uphold a law and sometimes it means doing the unpleasant tasks. They are not making the decision about deportation and their action doesn’t reflect their personal opinions about it. I believe you are focusing your hatred towards wrong group of people and you should be careful when you’re encourage people “destroying” the governmental organizations. That sounds something an anarchist would say. But I guess you are speaking figurative.

  2. Finland is a hateful country

    *** Joonas , so what people should do when government is racist? What about when police is cruel and has no mercy and knows nothing about humanity? Do you really think Finnish police is perfect? How many real news do you know about Finnish police and crimes they do every single day in Helsinki? in jails and prison? what about other city? villages ? against immigrants, refugee…? nothing yes? then you think you are aware about every thing?
    Dont you think that you who is a Finnish one has responsibility for Finland? everybody has even foreigners, when you breath on this land , then you have responsibility for it ! ! !

    Is not it your home? do you like your home be a place for tortur ? a place for terror? dont you care whats going on in this land? Dont you care about humanity? What does humanity means to you, if you only answer last question then every thing will be clear about your ideas, and then you can see what parts of your ideas are wrong, bad, black and cruely, so you can repair it, ofcourse this is you who make decisions for yourself not me, because you have free will… so save yourself from this big dark hole that police and government made for you all, dont support them, save yours, SAVE YOURS if you like yourself ! be aware ! open your eyes, dont repeat law law law, whats law? when law is against a soul, then its not law but its terror and who writes law? some human , and humans are not perfect, politic is lie, law is some kind of politic, you should not follow law like a robot, you must change bad things to good things, if bad people have power to change goodness to badness, then you have power to change bad to good, why not you? why you keep silent, dont follow law like a robot, think about it, you have brain, you have eye, you have heart, you can understand and think, you can see, you can feel, dont you feel sadness? dont you feel love? dont you never feel broken heart? pain? happiness? joy? so you can feel me and what am talking about . so you can understand my all words even i we are not talking face to face.

    Power is with people, power is in union, government and police is nothing when people like eachother and help eachother and stand for eachother.people should get everything in control, HEY PEOPLE WAKE UP WAKE UP STAND UP FOR YOUR SOUL !

    Police has no right to make force on a poor young refugee, has no right at all, this young man is you, is your brother, is your mama, your father, your children, your neighbour, because, we are one.

    What i will do if i see you need my help? will i check your religion and ID? will i ask you about your ideas, what you believe? what you dont? or will i help you as soon as i can ? sure last one because you are a human being, you have soul, your soul is worthy, very much worthy and if i save you one soul i will be happy for my whole life and for ever , if i help you, it will make you happy too, you will feel love, is not it important for you? or you want when you need my help, i turn my face at you, and i keep silent and i support your enemies and help them and standing infront fo u and telling u : police has right? which one do you prefer?
    Million questions i have for you but you wont and cant answer !

    • Joonas

      “Million questions i have for you but you wont and cant answer !”

      You have many questions, but most of them are revolving around the same topics and I try to summarise my answers to them.

      “so what people should do when government is racist?”

      I wouldn’t say the government is racist and if there is a racist law against minority group, can you please point it out? The only way people can affect is by voting the better people to run the government and sometimes citizen initiatives might give some results.

      “What about when police is cruel and has no mercy and knows nothing about humanity”

      Can you tell your own experiences how police has been cruel to you? Only times I have seen/heard the police using the force in Finland, if the person has not been obeying the orders. Or do you mean deporting the asylum seekers? That is part of their job. If the person refuses to leave, then they might have to detain the person. Like I said before, they are not making the decisions.

      “Do you really think Finnish police is perfect? How many real news do you know about Finnish police and crimes they do every single day in Helsinki?”

      They are not perfect, but I respect and trust them. According to international studies Finland has also one of the least corrupted police force (with Denmark and New Zealand). I have statics to backup my opinion, but what kind of evidence do you have against Finnish police corruption? You have also biased opinion about the media. What kind of evidence do you have they are not publishing “real” news?

      “Dont you care about humanity?”

      I care about humanity, but I believe we have different kind of philosophy when we are talking about human life. For my understanding, you believe every life is precious and can’t put a price-tag in human life. That we should help everyone and give shelter those in need. That’s is a respectable ideology and are nice words, but I don’t believe world works like that. Not everyone can survive.

      You might consider my views “cold”, but I don’t think we can save everyone. We should only take small number of refugees and only those who are the most vulnerable (= women and children) and valuable to the society. It is more much easier to assimilate small group of people to Finnish society than large number of people with different kind of cultural backgrounds.
      Rest of them should stay in the fight and rebuild the country. Other countries should help the people and provide resources to stabilise the country, but I don’t think fleeing the country solves the root problem and usually it only makes the situation even worse.

      Even if we wanted to help everyone, what do you think would happen, if Finland would take e.g. 500,000 refugees? It would only make lives worse for everyone living in here and collapse the whole system. Finland has limited resources to deal with asylum seeker problem and we should make the best use of those resources. Sometimes deporting a person is the most efficient solution. However, deporting the mother and a small children in this news doesn’t sound reasonable for me.

      “will i check your religion and ID?”

      Again, this is not about the religion, race or country of origin. It is about the resources and priorities.

  3. Finland is a hateful country

    Joonas, I have different questions but you repeat same answers over and over and over, even if i leave this world and came back after 2000 years you and people like you are same as now, nothing can change you because your attitude about humanity is an attitude that police and government have, you never think deeply about a matter, you just follow law and police like a robot ! you are not independent that is why you follow other European country too!
    A brave nation never copy this and that! A brave nation can make decision for itself !

    You dont think this government is facist and racist? then there is nothing to debate about. this kind of matters are not about think and doubt, so you dont know your own government, that is why you say i dont think, when you dont know a thing then you can not talk about.
    Voting? it does not matter at all, again some will come and again they will abuse this job and again none of them will stand for humaniy, for Finnish people, for a peaceful life, for making Finland a safe place, Finland is a very dangerous country.
    They will cheat at people again !

    What kind of experiences about racist police do you want, when you dont know their real system, when you never met a refugee in your life, when you never visit people in a prison in Helsinki or other cities, when you never see behind the walls?

    Facts are behind the walls, not in media and newspapers !
    What a simple person you are, who trust a facist police easily. what do you know about Finnish police, then u must prove it that they are nice and good, you never been under attack, insult, force, and torture, Finnish police torturing refugees in prisons ! yes you heard it correct, TORTURE ! in prisons and police stations in Helsinki, Malmi, Pasila… they easily attack refugees in public, train, streets, here and there, they always blame refugee for all problems that been in this country before refugee put his feet here !

    According to international studies ? WOW WOW studies? who made this studies? and how many times they asked us even one question about police?
    Not even one time!

    He he he he, international studies or international liars ?

    You Joonas always make a mark about science and studies and try to prove that all is okay ! do you think wise people who are reading this blogs are believing to your studies and science word? you always make me think that you are a 5 years old child!

    You are more than cold and harsh, you are cruel with a balck heart and a stone CONSCIENCE, what do you know about warzone? really what? do you understand what are you talking about? sending young men under bombardment! you are sitting on your cozy sofa and speaking about war zone??? yes thats easy, very much easy, its just about words not about LIFE about spirit ! do you have any idea that what is bomb ? how does works?

    Finland has only 5.000.000 crowd, Finalnd can take many and many refugee, but the only thing you think about is welfare system, DO YOU KNOW REFUGEE EVEN DONT KNOW ABOUT SOCIAL SYSTEM AND WELFARE SYSTEM WHEN THEY MOVE TO HERE?

    Yes some foreigners come here for welfare, am aware, but you easily accept them and they can eat your tax year after years, but not all foreigners thinking same same and not every body comes here for your money, you should understand this.

    People are coming here from countries that there are no war, nothing, … but when a person who really needs your help, you attack him/ her and kick him to war zone and call yourself science !

    Yes all is about race and religion, all, i am living here and i see this things every single day and night.

    Again go and vote for some clown, nothing will change, its just a game between you and them, they are all thinking in same level, the only thing can makes change is PEOPLE.

    Even a foreigner is in union with racists like
    Nasima Razmyar, what she done for you? for me? for others? for refugees? how many times she supported humanity?

    Finns are simple , you can cheat at them easily…

    What about Green party?

    Soini and Hala Aho are not alone, Juha Sippilä has many friends in parliament, Sauli Niinistä is not the only insane man in government !

    This and that?

    They are in same circle with same idea, no more no less

    And Finland is full of racists, yes racists are here and there and everywhere

    And Joonas believes in police but before he said he believes in nothing !
    Joonas has religion, his religion is police, facist, racist, terror, torture.

    Peace in Finland is a joke !

    • Joonas

      “not every body comes here for your money, you should understand this.”

      I agree, but it doesn’t matter if they know about the social welfare or not. The fact is, most of them never will be employed and have to live on welfare.

      “And Joonas believes in police but before he said he believes in nothing !”

      And there you go lying again. I never said I believe in nothing. I said I’m not a religious person. There is a big difference.

      But let’s try a different kind of approach. I don’t believe these discussions are going anywhere, because just complain and are missing rational thinking. I have set of question and I would like you to give the SOLUTION for them. Instead rambling, can you just give straight answers to these questions?

      – What kind of concrete (!) ways do you have to improve the lives of refugees in Finland?
      – You say all research results are lies, media is lying, government is lying, statics are lying, police is lying, everybody is lying etc. and you have the FACTS. How everybody else can be wrong and you are the only one who knows the truth? Have you ever considered you might not just like the facts, if they don’t endorse your opinions?
      – You don’t believe voting can make the change. What kind of actions people should make for real change?
      – How many refugees Finland should take? Just a number.
      – How we are going to finance their lives? Cutting down the services? More taxes? More debt?
      – Do you think it is acceptable the men leaves their women and children behind to the warzone? And if yes, why?

  4. Finland is a hateful country

    Joonas what benefit has my answers for you when you are fanatical on your way?

    ***I agree, but it doesn’t matter if they know about the social welfare or not. The fact is, most of them never will be employed and have to live on welfare***

    How do you know thats the fact? for you the fact is what your government , police and media teaching you. you judge refugee people, you dont know them and their life , your government washing your brain over and over, you support this racist government directly and with a free will, nothing can makes you to accept the fact, and the fact that you are talking about is a huge lie from liars racists !
    How do you know about them this much deeply? ha ha haaa u r very simple person and simple in mind and attitude, you call all refugees lazy, unbelievable you are, but most of most of Finns are thinking like you, because you let government think for you. cant you think for yourself? cant you search for the facts? cant you stand for the truth? sake of yourself stand for knowledge !

    Do you think you are the only nation on the planet earth who are working and making money? LOL

    You said u dont believe in GOD !
    Not my business, but it was you who said this with a loud voice on the internet.


    ***What kind of concrete (!) ways do you have to improve the lives of refugees in Finland? ***

    You should support them, people and government, dont keep them in jails, stop it attack, help them, give them language course, then help them for a work between people, make them busy instead balming them all the time, dont break their self confident, dont insult them, dont put them down, they are very strong in mind and goals, they saved their life, they been under bombardment , they have million talents, test them in wise and positive way and make youself sure about them, you have doubts, if you dont test their brain then you never can see the facts,then you never can understand them, and let them testing your idea dn minds and brain too, so they can trust you, … be friend, be friendly, dont take distance, come near, dont afraid , no need panic, be aware that your panic made them a cruely life in Finland !

    dont say I I I , say WE WE WE

    Dont doubt about them, dont send them negative energy, applause for them, applause applause, they are your brothers, sisters, family, neighbours and guest ! Be positive and stay positive !

    They are hero, they are unique !

    Let them show you their power, choose them, encourage them, They are your guests, open the doors on them, have mercy on them, stand for their human rights, let them see you are a friend and not an enemy !

    Show them your system and way of life, answer their questions, let them learn about you in peace, shake hands with them, look at their eyes and let them talk to you face to face, understand them more and more and from your deep heart without bias.

    ***considered you might not just like the facts, if they don’t endorse your opinions?***

    I am absolutely like the facts, thats why am here !
    And i am not the only one who knows this facts about Finland, dont you see Mt knows all this facts, and many many of us know this facts, even some Finns know this facts, so why you think you are the only wise person on this planet? you are not wise, a wise person never says : young men and men should stay in warzone.

    You know nothing about warzone, and you just repeat they should not leave Iraq and warzone places, you will know warzone when soon a big war happens in Finland, so now , whatever i say does not work in you !

    You don’t believe voting can make the change. What kind of actions people should make for real change?

    People + union means storm of power
    You have to take all powers from government ! make your own laws and government which has wise and can understand people, which cares about every single person in this land, which can brings peace, which works on peace ! which says we, never says I.
    People who are working in government should be nice, honest and there should be another group and organisation who can check out this government, because human is not perfect, so if they start oppression to people, another one can delete them easily, not like Juha Sippilä , he do what ever he wants and people could not chnage his mind even with demonstration !

    We need a TORNADO when demonstration does not work ! now you have think what i mean !

    You people should make decision for yourself, you know yourself better, government and some rich people never pity and mercy on you , they never will do anything for you !

    ***How many refugees Finland should take? Just a number.***
    Now you are worry about number, why are you thinking only on money?
    Why you are this much hopeless ? help as much as you can, they will make a big change in your economy, they are bless for this land, they will make happiness and bliss for you.

    Adapt them ! and help them adapt you !
    You are looking for numbers? i am not thinking like you, but i know Finland can take many many and many and again many and it is completely possible for Finalnd.
    You can not say how many? number? because it is about LIFE !

    If you are behind my closed doors and you are asking me help, i can not say, oh i have only one bed, i can only help 2 persons, but i will say: it is about life, come in all ! welcome, dont worry, tomorrow is a new day, life is sweet, lets get in union, there are always chance for every single person to have a new life, its always possible, this is law of universe !

    I know soon you will try to find your own way, If i help you, because you are stranger here so i must help and support you, i know for million times and i am sure, you wont stay in my room for a long time, i am sure you will search for a new life, you will build your own house and you will try even more than me because you hurry for a new life, because you are coming from war, because you are tired and you want an independent life as soon as possible for you, because you have goals !

    But i give you time, i have brain, i ahve heart, i am full of love, i know you are very much tired, first rest, i will let you to learn about my people, i never make stress on you, i never kick you out , i never put you down, i always say we, i never let you feel alone and in the corner, i never say this is my bread, this is my meat, this is my city,i will say this is your refrigerator, eat, feed yours, relax, all is okay, GOD has bread for all of us , outside is dangerous, if something happens to you , i am responsible, because you knocked for help to my heart! and now my conscience is standing for you in my deep soul !

    –*** How we are going to finance their lives? Cutting down the services? More taxes? More debt? ***

    Ha ha ha , you are always worry for tax, who made such a stupid law? tax tax tax? who made this panic between people ? who has benefit of taxes?

    There was high tax before refugees put their feet in this land, and it will go up and upper, even if we all leave here ! ! !
    Help refugee, they will work for themselves, they are very much clever ! they can work even with Finnish language ! ! ! they are intelligent !

    ***– Do you think it is acceptable the men leaves their women and children behind to the warzone? And if yes, why?***

    Yes not 100 percentage but %1000 it is acceptable ! why not, you are not sure about one minute later, your life, your everything is under attack, bad bad attacks, … you must leave, you must save your life, you must try, you must help yourself, this is wise to leave when nothing can help ! and they never leaves their women and children, again accusation? how can you judge your brothers this much easy when you know nothing about them? how ? again polices and media and government washed your barin during childhood?

    Wake up before is late ! and very late !

    ***rational thinking ? oh yes you know all, am agree. what do you know about rational thinking ? you always talk about numbers, science, logic, but still you cant understand the mean of humanity, still you dont know what does mean life?

    Life has no mean for you, then again you talk about logic ?
    How old are you?

    My Chin is UP , Hello darling GOD, hug hug : )