Facebook: White Finnish woman hurling racist insults and a bucket of water

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Migrant Tales insight:  When I read Ruth Waweru-Folabit’s story on Facebook below I wondered what is going on with this country. She is a black woman from Kenya sitting with her two children aged 8 and 3 years with another woman, a white USAmerican and her two children aged 8 and 5 years. It happened in the Helsinki neighborhood of Herttoniemi.

What is most upsetting about this story is that the police didn’t bother to ask her if she wanted to press charges against the woman that insulted her in a racist manner in public and threw a bucket of water on her, her two children and her friend’s children.

“When another neighbor told the woman to shut up, she called her an n-word lover,” Waweru-Folabit said. “She said that she was a Finn, and therefore, nothing would happen to her [for harassing her in a racist manner and throwing a bucket of water].”

Now here’s one question that we should all ask: What would happen if Ruth Waeru-Folabit threw a bucket of water on a white Finn and started to insult her in the same was as she was insulted.

Ruth Waseru-Folabit said she would press charges against the women and would get in touch with the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman tomorrow.


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This Facebook posting was reprinted by Migrant Tales with permission.