Facebook (Faith Mkwesha): My child “can’t breathe”

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Migrant Tales insight: Dr. Faith Mkwesha’s child was was held and mistreated by security guards who handcuffed him and resting his knee on her child’s back. Apart from being a traumatic experience for her child and the mother, all of this happened because he did not have a valid metro ticket, which he thought incorrectly that they were valid for two hours.

Source: Facebook (10.7)
Source: Facebook (11.7)

  1. PS voter

    Now police has reviewed the video tapes and has confirmed that when ticket inspectors found out that the boy didn’t have a valid ticket, he tried illegally to leave the scene and physically resist . So now it is time to apologize for slandering HKL and their ticket inspectors and teach the boy to behave better.

  2. PS voter

    There is also talk on social media that he may have used his brothers passport to fake his id although the mother claims that he took his brothers passport by mistake. One reason might be that they went to get a tattoo and typically you have to be adult to get a tattoo. However, faking you identity by using someone else passport can by a crime with sentence up to 6 months in prison, if I recall correctly. I hope that police investigates this thing thoroughly to see if this is what happened or not. It is time to make a warning example of persons who make fake racist accusations during time when there are illegal and violent race riots going on.

  3. PS voter

    Btw, according to the news, police is now investigating possible slander done by the boys mother against the ticket inspectors:

    “Solalan mukaan pojan äidin kirjoitukset sosiaalisessa mediassa ovat sisältäneet ylilyöntejä.

    – Tilanteessa mukana ollut ryhmäesimies on käsitykseni mukaan tehnyt rikosilmoituksen kunnianloukkauksesta, täsmentää Solala. ”

    “MTV Uutisille vahvistetaan Helsingin poliisista, että äidin somekommenteista on kirjattu rikosilmoitus.”

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