Donald Trump called Vladimir Putin’s invasion “genius and savvy.” Why are the Perussuomalaiset hiding their faces in shame?

by , under Enrique Tessieri

While the far-right Perussuomalaiset (PS)* are scrambling to prop up their dismal poll numbers, they are also changing their tune on Vladimir Putin and Russia. One of the best ways to understand the PS’ admiration of Putin and the tragedy in Ukraine is through former President Donald Trump.

We can cite Jussi Halla-aho’s praise of Trump in a tweet, where he claims that the former president is the best thing that happened to the United States and the Western world, to Veikko “Tramperen Trump” Vallin posing with Vilhelm Junnila with MAGA caps on May Day.

And how could we forget former parliamentary foreign affairs committee chairperson Mika Niikko, who suggested that a Western leader should assure Putin that Ukraine will not join Nato?

Writes historian Ahti Tolvanen, who sits on the Migrant Tales editorial board: “It is interesting to note that when Niikko presented an idea for a compromise in the Ukraine conflict, there was a vast outcry demanding his resignation right away. When his replacement Halla-aho suggested Finland should send arms to the Ukrainian military and scrap Finland´s traditional role as peacemaker and non-aligned country- there were no calls for his resignation. Since the last war, Finland’s keystone political position was denounced by the new foreign affairs chairman in parliament, and even President Niinistö has said nothing so far!”

There is a long list of other PS politicians that have been more direct about their admiration of Putin, like PS MEP Laura Huhtasaari.

Apart from all the expressions of admiration and support of Trump, who is under multiple investigations for attempting a coup, the PS are members of the far-right EU group Identity and Democracy, where they are in “good” Putin buddy company with leaders like Marine Le Pen.

PS MPs Vilhelm Junnila (left) and Veikko Vallin. Source: Twitter

If you want to get a closer view of Trump’s political love affair with Putin, check out the video below.

Unmasking how Donald Trump enables Putin to attain his sinister plan of geopolitical global power. Source: YouTube

Tabloids like Iltalehti have written about the strange relationship that the PS has with Putin and Russia.

Let’s hope that more investigative journalism and editorials are published to expose the opportunistic stance of the PS concerning Russia.

Today they are expressing their opposition to Russia but tomorrow it will certainly be a different story as the past has shown.

At a session of parliament, Halla-aho compared the Russian invasion of Ukraine to that of Poland by Nazi Germany in September 1939.

He was quoted by the media but Halla-aho did not not attributed his plagarized analysis to the Ukrainian diaspora in the UK.