Denmark’s PM Mette Frederiksen on zero asylum seekers and other wishes like our head up our…

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When I read the news story that Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen stated that she wants the country to accept zero asylum seekers, I sarcastically thought that one of the EU’s most Islamophobic countries had found a solution to end global inequality and strife.

The Perussuomalaiset (PS), Finland’s close ideological ally of the Danish People’s Party and admirer of Frederiksen’s anti-immigration policies, was overjoyed by the prime minister’s zero-asylum seeker goal.

The PS’ leader, Jussi Halla-aho, and his Islamophobic party has expressed the same plan: end asylum seekers from the Middle East and other developing nations from coming to Finland.

Considering that populists and parties lack imagination and prefer to copy-and-paste toxic ideologies, we only must look at former President Donald Trump’s cruel immigration policy of family separation and denying refugees access to the country. Such policy did not only fail but brought great suffering to its victims.

Fredriksen’s statement and that of other Islamophobic parties and politicians are only meant for populist public consumption. Thus, it is not the policy but a country that policy would turn it into. Sowing hatred, suspicion, and division never end well.

Ignoring the global suffering, we wrought in the first place would let in other toxic ideologies that give rise to countries that base their government’s popularity on hatred. Having our head in our rectum will not improve our eyesight.

The 2019 recipient of the Council Literature Prize, Jonas Eika of Denmark, gave the following speech (see video clip below) about state racism in Denmark and its then-new prime minister Fredriksen.

“I’m speaking to the Danish prime minister who’s also sitting somewhere in the audience, Mette Fredriksen, who’s at the head of the Social Democratic Party which has come to power by taking over the previous government’s racist language and politics,” said Eika. “Metter Fredriksen, who calls herself “the children’s PM,” but pursues an immigration policy that splits families apart, impoverishes them, and subjects a slow, destructive violence in the country’s so-called departure centers [immigration removal centers].”

OK, Eika is a poet and poets usually have noble ideals.

What did Politiken, one of the country’s biggest dailies, write about the Danish People’s Party (DPP)? For many, the Social Democratic Party of Denmark has adopted the DPP’s racist policies.

And who could forget former Minister for Immigration and Integration Inger Stjoberg and her cake to the limbless refugee girl?

It should not come as any surprise because some, correctly, call Denmark an Islamophobic country on steroids.

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