Count to ten when people talk about migrants “embracing Finnish values”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

I will count to ten very slowly if I hear one more time, just one more time from a politician, that migrants should embrace Finnish values. Most of them, when they make that ethnocentric statement, don’t tell us never mind give us a clue what those “Finnish values” are. Do they even know?

Finance Minister Petteri Orpo considers Iraqis “a challenge” to Finland. He suggests that all Muslim men are chauvinists who oppress women (sic!). Read the full story here.

The next time when a person says “migrants of foreign origin,” which is usually code for non-EU citizens, Muslims, Africans, ask him the following questions and see how he or she is at a loss for good answers:

  • What concretely are those Finnish values you are talking about?
  • Are you suggesting that migrants live outside the law?
  • Are they so dumb that they don’t have a faint idea about our laws?
  • Are you inferring that migrants are barbarians?
  • Do foreigners from the EU have more values than non-EU citizens?
  • Do other religions and cultures have public spaces in Finland?
  • What about if migrants want to be a part of society but are not accepted by the majority?
  • How do we do away with discrimination and racism?
  • How can you challenge your racism and prejudices?
  • How do we make Finland a more welcoming and inclusive country?


  1. tiina

    Miksi lietsot vihaa valheellisilla väitteilläsi mm. “He suggests that all Muslim men are chauvinists who oppress women (sic!).”

    Mikä sua vaivaa?

    Olen tehnyt ilmoituksen postauksesta Kokoomukselle. Saattaa olla, että heillä ei ole aikaa puuttua kaikkeen roskaan, mitä netissä kirjoitellaan, mutta tietävätpä nyt ainakin.