Coronavirus cases at the Espoo asylum reception center surge from 2 to 22

by , under Enrique Tessieri

After two coronavirus cases to mid-April, Helsingin Sanomat reported Monday of 22 infections at the Luona-managed Nihtisilta reception center in Espoo.

Haidari Ehsan is an asylum seeker at the Nihtisilta reception center, which houses 410 refugees.

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“I’m not happy with the way Luona has informed us about the outbreak at the reception center,” he said. “The only way we are in touch with the supervisor is by phone.”

Ehsan lives in a room with another person and fears that he might be infected with coronavirus because, according to him, “he has all the symptoms.”

He said that the coronavirus-infected asylum seekers are quarantined on the third and seventh floor of the building but can move wherever they want in the building.

“The majority of the people at the reception center do not feel any symptoms due to coronavirus,” he continued. “Most of them work during day and night shifts and since they don’t have cars, they use the train instead. This may be a dangerous way of spreading the virus.”

Ehsan recommended that everyone at the reception center should be quarantined for some weeks until we know for sure if they have the virus or have recovered from it.

“Those who are infected are recovering, and some are no longer in quarantine,” he concluded.