Asylum seeker in detention cell 406: “I’ll either be sent to Lappeenranta or Joutseno”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

We heard the sad news about the twenty-one-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker who was detained by the police Tuesday in Mikkeli, Finland.

Imagine going through the same ordeal as last year, when he was detained in Mikkeli on October 23-27 and then sent to Lappeenranta and freed 32 days later on November 23.

“They put me in a second cell [in Mikkeli] which is the same cell I was in |back in October],” he told by phone. “I’ll either be sent to Lappeenranta or Joutseno [immigration detention center].”

In a police detention, it is a bad sign for the asylum seeker if they take his clothes and belongings with him.

“I don’t have many belongings because I’ve moved around so much,” he said.

The asylum seeker said that he was taken to the same cell at the Mikkeli police station. Photo by asylum seeker.

If you want to write to the asylum seeker you can send your messages to [email protected] or [email protected]

You can read his past stories below:


  1. Light

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