Asylum seeker in detention cell 208: Two pictures, two views of the Joutseno immigration removal center

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Below are two pictures were taken of a window from the immigration removal center in the southeastern Finnish town Joutseno*. The photo on the left was taken on Thursday and the one on the right in November. 

Think about it. An asylum seeker travels hell and high water to come to a country in Finland. The trip is also costly. What are the last images if you get deported? A cell window and an airport.

Amnesty International published today its 2017/2018 report, and it doesn’t write pretty things about how Finland treats asylum seekers.

It states:

“Despite international NGOs raising concern, Finland continued to forcibly return asylum- seekers whose applications were rejected to Afghanistan.”

Forced deportations and the general situation of asylum seekers and migrants in Finland shows how much we have shut off empathy for coldness.

There is today in Finland a moral crisis that also inflicts the rest of Europe.

How can we claim to be a nation that loves freedom and upholds human rights if we deny others such rights?

* The asylum seeker who was locked up in this cell thought he was in Lappeenranta but in fact he was at the Joutseno immigration removal center located 20km away.

  1. Light

    Yes he spent much money on this trip, all of asylum seekers do this, lots of money, a life money, and finally come to Finland and welcome to cell, first welcome to immigration service and again pay money and go and come, go and come, you are a ball, they want play game with you,… 2 years run, 2 years stress, 2 years nightmares, … 2 years racist polices are after you, imagine !

    How can we claim to be a nation that loves freedom and upholds human rights if we deny others such rights?

    Freedom for Finns not for us, Finland is not even a third world country. they check your breath and they count the numebr of your breath, if they could they would charge you for every singe breath …

    How many 21 years old finnish boys right now are sleeping on warm bed in a safe situation?

    What their parents will feel if something happens to them?
    And now see, they do more than something on an alone 21 years old Iraqi boy, they hurted him over 2 years, 2 years pressure, knock knock, we are police, BANG attack, come with us, cell, racist lawyer, racist judge, racist law and court…

    This things will happen to Finnish kids and youngesters soon, and world will not care about their tears, because Finland done much torture on children of the world !
    Why a 21 years old kid must sleep in cell tonight? why?
    How he slept there last night?

    Freedom in Finland? a land that keeps asylum seekers in cage has no freedom and must shut up for always .
    What will a human do if a hungry dog come and knock its door for help? you will open the door on dog and you will support this dog in cold winter, you will give it food and water, but Finland has no mercy on human beings, on kids, yong asylum seekers, parents, women…. is this first world country? a country that has no idea about humanity, its a country that lives in stone age !

    Christian country? no, Finland is a country belong to Satan and its friends !

    Soon is your turn Finalnd, soon ! justice is after you : )