An encounter with an enraged racist Finn in a taxi driven by an Estonian

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Here’s a recording of an enraged Finnish male who goes on a racist rant against an Estonian taxi driver in Finland.* The video clip has received wide coverage in Estonia.  

Here are some disgraceful excerpts:

You went to the taxi driver course and if you can’t drive then go to the other side of the bay [Estonia] and fucking drown there! I don’t care! I see you fucking Estonians everywhere! I hate you more than anything!

Don’t come to our country! You are not our brothers, never fucking were!

We have Estonians and Somalians. We have so much of this fucking shit, but it’s hard to find Finnish taxi drivers!

We have n-words and after all that we have white n-words people like you! I’m telling you that’s how fucking things are!


Migrant Tales hopes that they catch this person and charge him accordingly for racist harassment.

The only way to undermine racism is to make it shameful. That was my experience after the US Civil Rights Movement in Los Angeles during the mid-1970s.

* Thank you My Finland is International for the heads-up.