A member of the Solidiers of Odin carried out attack on #cupofteawithme demonstration in Oulu on April 7

by , under Enrique Tessieri

On April 7 at 4:40am the #cupofteawithme demonstration in Oulu was attacked when three unlit petrol bombs were thrown at the tent. One of the suspects, a member of the vigilante group Soldiers of Odin, was detained by the police, according to YLE. The police found as well two sticks of dynamite at the suspect’s home.

The police are investigating the attack on the demonstration as unlawful threat, an act of vandalism, and illegal possession of explosives.

On March 31, the Iraqi demonstrators were forced to move from the Oulu city center to Torinranta, a worse location since there are fewer people and apparently more dangerous and prone to attacks.

The #cupofteawithme demonstration in Oulu started [on March 11] as a show of support to the #righttolife demonstration in Helsinki organized by Afghans, Iraqis and Finns.

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