10-year-old Muslim girl of Espoo: The police say one thing while others say another

by , under Ali Rashid, Enrique Tessieri

In earlier statements and interviews to the media, the Finnish police have claimed the presence of “wild” rumors about a ten-year-old girl, who was assaulted. The picture with the girl on social media had text that claimed that her hijab, or veil, was torn off and that she was left unconscious after being hit by four roughly same-aged classmates. 

Fact or fiction?

It appears that there were two suspects instead of four and that her hijab wasn’t torn off. While she has blood over her, it seems that the injuries she endured weren’t life-threatening.

The Western Uusimaa Police said that racism played no role in what happened.

Fact or fiction?


Read the original statement here.


The father of the victim, claims through a close friend states that four classmates had insulted his daughter’s hijab and then beat her. The girl was bullied before at school, apparently because she is a Muslim.

The Facebook posting clearly states that the father of the victim believes that his daughter was a victim of Islamophobic bullying and assault. In other words, racism was a factor.

The parents, an Iraqi and Finnish couple, plan to take legal action against those who attacked their daughter.

They have asked as well that their daughter’s face not be shown on Facebook.

While the police say on thing, others say another.

Migrant Tales hoped to interview the parents of the girl today but they said that they are resolving the matter with the help of the school and the police.


  1. intternetnetsi

    Seems you dont understand finnish or english. There wasnt 2 attackers but 2 parties, boy and a girl you are talking about.

    • juhis88

      2 or 1 attacker, doesn’t matter. It’s a sad to realize that the lifes of muslims aren’t equal to the white Finns in the eyes of the Finnish Police. The girl were beaten nearly dead and police doesn’t investigate it as hate crime or racially/religiously motivated attack even while the evidences strongly suggest it.

  2. intternetnetsi

    juhis88 what the fuck? police and everyone said mild injuries, no one said who was starting a fight. For what we know it could be racist muslim child attacking a finn because she hates us… And picture is fake.

    • juhis88

      internetnetsi, only whites can be racists. Racism requires power over victim that minorities don’t have over whites.

  3. Yossie

    Juhis88’s comment is perfect example what Enrique’s hatespeech causes. Are you proud Enrique? Your incitement against finns is bearing fruit.

    • juhis88

      Yossie, NOBODY is raising hate towards Finns here, but it is a known fact that Finland is the most racist country of Europe. It was just researched a couple months ago.