PS red faces (again) after MP Hakkarainen's latest scandal

By Enrique Tessieri

The latest scandal caused by none other than Perussuomalaiset (PS) party MP Teuvo Hakkarainen has caused agan a number of red faces in Timo Soini’s party. Hakkarainen was in such a drunken state, according to Nelonen, that he ended up at the premises of the Bandidos Motorbike Club and gave a prostitute 100 euros out of pity.  

The woman whom Hakkarainen had offered money has a different account of what happened, according to tabloid Iltalehti. She claimed that the PS MP wanted to have sex with her and another woman.

“I don’t know how I ended up there,” he was quoted as saying. “We were at a bar [didn’t remember the name of the establishment] and a bit too drunk and then there were these  people with whom I went with. And I went there and then I noticed and asked [myself] who were these people wearing [motorbike gang leather] vests. I stayed there a little while and left.”

The Helsinki Distric Court sentenced in 2005 two Bandidos MC members for taking part in a shooting, Helsingin Sanomat reported. The Bandidos Motorbike Club is an organized crime syndicate with membership worldwide.

Hakkarainen flatly denied that he is a member of the motorbike club.

He said that the latest scandal would not hurt him politically.

When PS parliamentary leader Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner was asked to comment on what happened, she gave to the media the party’s standard response. According to her, she had not heard about the incident until Helsingin Sanomat approached her. Ruohonen-Lerner did not want to comment and said Hakkarainen could explain what happened.

The PS appears to have given up patching up Hakkarinen’s scandals as we have seen on other occasions.

Is the PS the party that aims to lead us out of the euro morass and into the twenty-first century? Imagine the suffering and ignorance we’d see thrown at Finland’s   and  immigrants’ faces if Soini ever became prime minister.

That would be a very unfortunate day for Finland.