YLE’S Spotlight: Finland’s PS links to the Finnish Defense League

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By Enrique Tessieri

How are we supposed to react to the following news: A number of Perussuomalaiset (PS) party members have links to the far-right and anti-Islam Finnish Defense League (FDL)? The story, which was scooped by Yle’s Swedish-language program Spotlight,  claims that these PS members with ties to the FDL belong as well to the extremist Suomen Sisu association

Some PS members that Spotlight uncovered were: Klaus Elovaara, Jani Viinikainen, Ulla Pyysalo, Pasi Turunen, Jarmo Kyyrö, Heta Lähteenaro and Tommi Rautio, who suggested that a medal should be given to a white Finn after he killed in cold blood a Muslim pizzeria worker in Oulu.

Jussi Jalonen, a Tampere University war history researcher, was quoted as saying on Spotlight that “Islamophobia is rife among Finns Party [PS] members involved with the nationalistic Suomen Sisu association.”

PS MP Olli Immonen of Oulu did not see any problem with criticizing Islam since its spread is the biggest threat to Western culture.

Immonen, who had been silent about two deaths involving Muslims in Oulu at the end of January and February, believes that a war between white Christian Europe and Islam is inevitable.

  1. Akaaro

    I think the reason is that this government is not doing their job of serving society equally because if it does, it wouldn’t allow these racism actions of killing innocent immigrants and harming the lifes of many others to exist in Finland. If we take a look at the big picture and the implications of these killings reasonably we can not conderm the immigrant-hostile part (PS) than the National Coalition part, if we do so, it is unfair i think because National coalition part is denying that the problem is serious. And they don’t like to talk the matters in public.

  2. Akaaro

    So that, we can say there are more similarities between the two parties. When it comes the matters of the immigrants and anti-islam behaviours