YLE: Yritykset mainostavat työntekijöidensä suomalaisuudella

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Comment:  Is this how equal opportunities never mind social equality is supposed to work in Finland? The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) claims in a story below that a number of small cleaning companies in Finland advertise that they only use Finnish employees.

Husein Mohammed of the Ombudsman for Minorities believes that this type of advertising may be illegal since it discourages employers from hiring immigrants.  

At least for an immigrant, such a claim by a company is a clear message to non-Finns: Don’t even waste your time asking for a job here.

The European Union as well as in Finland make it very clear in the laws that this type of discrimination is illegal. In the United States they call it intentional discrimination

“If they (cleaning companies) keep their promise (that all of their employees are Finns) then they are guilty of discrimination, which is illegal,” said Muhammed.  

The Ombudsman for Minorities official does not directly blame employers but clients who demand that Finns to do the job as opposed to immigrants. 

Last month in the city of Salo a black odd-job man  was laid off because of his ethnic background.  He was rehired after the case received wide coverage in the Finnish media.


Useat pienet palvelualan yritykset mainostavat itseään sillä, että heidän kaikki työntekijänsä ovat suomalaisia. Vähemmistövaltuutetun toimistossa suomalaisia työntekijöitä korostavaa mainontaa pidetään arveluttavana. Jos markkinointi vaikuttaa työntekijöiden valitsemiseen, se voi olla myös laitonta.

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  1. JusticeDemon

    There is an important distinction between “what the customer requests” and “what the service provider advertises”. Pub customers regularly request after-hours service and taxi customers regularly request arrival deadlines that cannot be met within the constraints of lawful motoring, but we would not accept advertising that implies any flexibility by a service provider in matters of this kind (“our clocks run slow at closing time” / “come red light or green light, we’ll make your connection” etc. etc.)

    There is also an element of incitement in advertising of the kind discussed here, as advertising is also and necessarily public communication. A customer who makes a request of this kind is inciting the service provider to adopt an unlawful employment policy, and an advertisement of this kind is essentially a public invitation to do so.

    I think we can now expect the consumer ombudsman to take a stronger line on advertising of this kind.

    • Enrique

      JusticeDemon, let’s hope they take a tougher line on this type of advertising!

  2. Hannu

    Well we didnt see any lawsuits when two employers told that they wont hire finns, first told that she would hire only foreigners and other told that he would hire only somalis. And that was in prime time television.
    And Enrique isnt “superintended” bit too much for guy who mowns a lawn? (thats if someone teaches how to use lawnmower)

    • Enrique

      Hi Hannu, what are the names of these two companies that stated that they would not hire Finns? They too should read our Constitution and Non-Discrimination Act. Superintendent means to supervise or have “oversight” in this case of the building premises.

  3. JusticeDemon


    Well we didnt see any lawsuits when…

    So why didn’t you launch a lawsuit? Surely not because you are just an Internet warrior with no substance?

    Otherwise this is just a standard hommaforum two wrongs make a right tactic that illustrates your own intellectual failings and assumes that everyone else shares them.

    We already discussed the expression kylätalkkari at the time of the incident.

  4. JusticeDemon


    You have forgotten the details of the kylätalkkari story, I think.

    Which particular building premises do you mean?

  5. Hannu

    Justicedemon im poor and 1000km away, how i could afford to start anything? I dont have floverhat army and goverment subsidied lawyers to help me. I did make sure that people who are looking on things like this were aware but they didnt care.
    That was MOT or similar year or two ago where first finn clearly told that she would hire only foreigners and then somali told that his “hire worker company” employs somalis.

    • Enrique

      You can also get a lawyer Hannu provided by the state if your annual income is at a certain level.

  6. JusticeDemon


    Why does a smart fellow like you need a lawyer to submit a complaint to the Ombudsman for Minorities or the local labour protection authority?

    I’m sticking to the Internet warrior with no substance interpretation.

  7. Hannu

    Justicedemon “Guy who doesnt really care but like to point out when you whine” is more like that.
    Enrique so you think i can get public lawyer to “ajaa” thing what doesnt directly affect me 😀