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Comment: This is an interesting story that was published Monday by YLE. As one looks at the ever-intransigent stance of the Finnish Immigration Service (FIS) regarding such cases, the more I see flashbacks from the 1970s, when the then Aliens’ Office was run by the cantankerous Eila Kännö. The more intransigent the FIS becomes concerning its deportation decisions and general policy, the more pulbic opinion will shift against it.  This is why the FIS is its worst enemy.

Do you agree?


Kouvolassa asuvan iäkkään venäläisnaisen Tamara Suzin käännytys on keskeytetty. Euroopan ihmisoikeustuomioistuin antoi tiistaina välipäätöksen, joka estää Suzin käännytyksen Venäjälle toistaiseksi.

Tuomioistuimen mukaan huonokuntoisen Suzin käännyttäminen Venäjälle olisi hengenvaarallista. Suzin ainoa omainen on hänen Kouvolassa asuva tyttärensä.

Suzi anoi turvapaikkaa Suomesta, mutta anomus hylättiin maahanmuuttovirastossa ja Kouvolan hallinto-oikeudessa. Korkein hallinto-oikeus hylkäsi viime vuonna Tamara Suzin valituslupahakemuksen, joka olisi voinut estää hänen käännyttämisen takaisin Venäjälle. Poliisi ei toteuttanut käännytystä päätöksen jälkeen.

Suzi anoi keskeytystä tuomioistuimelta marraskuun puolivälissä. Nyt Euroopan ihmisoikeustuomioistuimen antama välipäätös estää käännytyksen toistaiseksi.

Asian käsittely jatkuu Euroopan ihmisoikeustuomioistuimessa. Suzin asianhoitaja, kotkalaispoliitikko Freddy van Wonterghem arvioi, että käsittely saattaa kestää useita vuosia. Suzin taistelu turvapaikasta on samaten kestänyt jo useita vuosia.

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  1. JusticeDemon


    You really need to get out of that time warp. FIS is a lot better than its reputation and bears little resemblance to the Interior Ministry Aliens Office directed by Eila Kännö until 1984. It’s no accident that she retired just at the time when Finland’s first legislation in this field of public administration began affecting the work of her department. The modern FIS is an expert agency staffed by professional administrators with no personal axes to grind as far as I can tell.

    The problem of elderly parents of immigrants will not go away, and Finland absolutely detests the continual intervention of ECHR in these cases. I would expect a resolution of this general problem fairly soon (which in policymaking means years rather than decades).

    The most interesting aspect of this latest case is the direct involvement of Freddy van Wonterghem.

    • Enrique

      Hi JusticeDemon, I agree but the same problems and deportations that the Aliens’ Office committed back in the 1980s turned against it because public opinion shifted against it. I understand that how the FIS operates today is a totally different world to the days of the Aliens’ Office. My point was that if the deportation cases are seen as too harsh by the public it can work against the FIS through political pressure. That was my point.

  2. Tony Garcia

    For me this a typical idiocy from FIS (witch is probably run by lefties) – deport old and harmless grandmothers but let violent Somalis run free.

  3. Tony Garcia

    Enrique, let me ask you your opinion on something a bit off topic. What do you think about this WikiLeaks controversy?

    To be honest I don’t know exactly what to think about it. I do think governments must have accountability, especially because we pay their salaries, however I also think they should be able to hold confidential talks.

    Where (and by whom) can a line on the sand be drawn?

  4. JusticeDemon

    Tony the Toby

    For me this a typical idiocy from FIS (witch is probably run by lefties) – deport old and harmless grandmothers but let violent Somalis run free.

    Does this mean that you are willing to pay the associated health and welfare bill, Toby? You are now talking about a type of immigrant who contributes virtually nothing of direct economic value to Finland (at most a small foreign pension and a small reduction in outgoing remittances) and belongs to the absolutely most expensive type of client served by the health and welfare system, despite having no personal history of national insurance or tax contributions. There is no way to opt out of this system. Don’t imagine that procedures like hip replacement and cardiac bypass surgery can be withheld from individuals who are lawfully resident in Finland.

    After Finland introduced racist legislation in 1991 to extend immigration privileges to certain citizens of Estonia and the Russian Federation based on their biological origin, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health rapidly began providing financial support to old folks’ homes in the Leningrad Region because this was much cheaper than providing care in Finland. The specific intention was to discourage these old people from exercising their new biological right to immigrate, and this was explicitly motivated by the health and social welfare cost projections.

    I wonder if your evident generosity to Russian grandmothers also extends to grandmothers from Somalia?

    The truth is that these aspects have not been discussed in the tabloid gutter press, so Tony the Toby has no opinion on them. N’est-ce pas?