YLE: Ruotsalaisen maahanmuuttajalähiön pahiskoulusta tuli palkittu eliittikoulu

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Comment:  Here is a good example of how a culturally diverse school in the the Stockholm neighborhood of Rinkeby has succeeded in becoming a model for the rest of the country. The principal, Börje Ehrstrand, who emigrated to Sweden in the 1980s from Finland, said that in a square meter of Rinkeby there live immigrants from a hundred countries. All the cultures of the world, ethnic groups and religions are represented at the school, according to him. 

The principal said that the challenges that the school faced before were resolved with the school staff. “We tried to figure out how the children could become winners in the labor market and we concluded that one succeeds if their interaction skills are good.”

A student must learn how to express his opinions, hopes and thoughts as well as work out an overall strategy, according to Ehrstrand.

“In the future labor markets are not Finnish or Swedish but international,” he said. “One has to have a global ability to work with all types of people (from different cultures).”

Ehrstrand places a lot of effort on the welfare of the pupils. Students shouldn’t feel that they are being discriminated and have to obey rules that they do not want to follow.

He said that taking into account the opinion of the students and parents is vital. 


Ruotsin monikulttuurisimman lähiön koulua johtava Börje Ehrstrand kertoo Aamu-tv:n haastattelussa, kuinka ongelmakoulusta tuli palkittu opinahjo. Rehtorin mukaan menestyksen salaisuus on sama kuin ongelmakin oli: monikultturisuus.

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  1. Hannu

    Lies, or school has really improved in few years, i mean really.
    I wouldnt call that school model to anything else than failure.

  2. JusticeDemon


    Why lies?

    Because this doesn’t confirm your prejudices?

    I want to know how this Finn got to be head teacher. Remember all those warnings from Swedish Hommaforum Hannu types in the 1970s? Oh no, of course you don’t. Most of you epähiket can’t even remember what was in yesterday’s papers.