YLE: Rasismin lisääntyminen huolestuttaa Iisalmessa

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Comment: The racism that has raised its head in Iisalmi, a city located 480km north of Helsinki with 200 immigrants, is a case in point what is wrong with some parts of this country.

According to YLE, the problem in Iisalmi appears as racist “graffiti on walls, social media, yelling and even physical violence.”  In August, two local inhabitants attacked with a steel rod a foreign woman.

Some may continue to deny that racism is a problem in Finland. Apart from being a serious social ill, it will impoverish Finland economically and socially.

Helsingin Sanomat recently reported about the rise of racism in Savo and Karelia.


Rasismi on nostanut päätään Iisalmessa. Maahanmuuttajia on Iisalmessa alle 200 ja heistä suurin osa Virosta ja Venäjältä. Kohteeksi joutuvat lähinnä ihonväriltään kantasuomalaisista poikkeavat ihmiset, vaikka he olisivat syntyperältään suomalaisia.

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  1. BlandaUpp

    Absolutely disgusting! Where are the idiots coming on here all the time saying racism is not an issue blah blah blah. All the Halla-aho/Hakkarainen PS rhetoric is fueling this crap.

    We should crack down harder on hate speech lest we are faced with Breivik 2.0 on Finnish soil.