YLE: Rasismi näkyy verta useammin kyyneleinä

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Comment: Here is an interesting story based on an interview with researcher Vesa Puronen, who puts a lot of things into perspective concerning the ongoing debate on immigrants and immigration.

One of the most common matters that anti-immigrant groups like the True Finns do is to group all immigrants into one bag.  In order to demonize them, they see everyone in the group as a threat and/or a criminal.  Racism isn’t a social issue that has raised its head with the ever-growing, albeit small, immigrant population in Finland.  The Saami, Roma and other minorities have been its victim Finland.

One of the favorite arguments of anti-immigrant and far-right groups is to demonize an ethnicity or religion. The aim is the same in every country: Since these people are a “threat” to us they can never live and be part of our society. Our racism and hatred is justified.

Puronen said that one matter that strengthens racism is silence. I totally agree. It explains why the True Finns and other anti-immigration parties and politicians have grown in popularity: silence has been their best ally.

Parties and some of their national representatives that should know better have preferred to be quiet to racism. They are now paying a big price for their silence.

If we want to build a successful society in the future, one matter is for certain: racism has not place in it.

Do you agree?


Kati LahtinenRasismi ei ole maahanmuuton seuraus. Se on syvemmin suomalaiseen yhteiskuntaan juurtunut ilmiö, jonka maahanmuutto on ehkä nostanut esiin. Rasismi ei myöskään katoa jos maahanmuuttajia ei ole. Suomalaista rasismia ovat kohdanneet myös Suomen kansalaiset, saamelaiset.

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