YLE poll: PS seen as big winner of the Finnish municipal elections

by , under Enrique

YLE’s latest poll published Thursday shows the Perussuomalaiset  (PS) Party will be the biggest winner of the October 29 municipal elections. The poll sees the PS getting 17.2% of the votes versus 5.4% in 2008.

The poll predicts the Center Party as the biggest loser of the election with 15.9% versus 20.1%.

The National Coalition Party and Social Democrats are both vying for top spot with 21.5% (23.5%) and 19.9% (21.2%),  respectively.

How should we interpret this latest poll? Does it mean that the PS’ anti-EU, anti-immigration and anti-Islam message has got a strong foothold in mainstream Finnish politics? Is it a death knell to the Center Party?

All of these are good questions but one matter is for certain: Finland is becoming a more polarizied society as the euro crisis rages on.