YLE Pohjois-Karjala: Lieksa haluaa sanoutua irti rasisimista

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Comment:  It’s pretty incredible after all the bad press that Lieksa has got recently for attacking its small immigrant population, the city is alas waking up to the damage that racism has inflicted on the city’s reputation. Lieksa is a city of 12,670 inhabitants located in the Pohjois-Karjala region of eastern Finland.  

After numerous problems with the 200-odd immigrants mostly of Somalian background, the city organized Thursday a meeting between the immigrants and local inhabitants. “We want to hear those people in Lieksa who are against racism,” said Irma Nykänen, an organizer of the event.  

Nykänen told YLE that the event gave us courage that we can win the fight against racism in Lieksa. 

Meanwhile, HS.fi writes on an editorial that at the worst tensions in Lieksa between the immigrants and locals could reach a point of no return. “It’s still not too late, Lieksa can succeed and we wish the city luck,” writes the Helsinki-based daily. 

Migrant Tales wishes as well the city luck in such an endeavor.  We are not, however, as optimistic as HS.fi since eradicating racism in Finland will be along struggle.


Rasisminvastainen keskusteluilta herätti paljon mielipiteitä Lieksassa. Keskustelijat pohtivat muun muassa maahanmuuttajavastaisuuden syitä. Paikalla olleet myös korostivat, että on tärkeää tutustua maahanmuuttajiin.

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