YLE: Pakkopalautusta vastustanut mielenosoittaja tuomittiin poliisin kunnianloukkauksesta

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Uskomatonta, vai mitä? Näin se poliisin maine rapistu. 

Lue koko juttu tässä.

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    Racist police, racist judges, racist courts, next time asylum seekers should pay penalty for they are breathing under sky !

    Bully mentaly sick police, they were born mentaly sick and they are living mentaly siclk and they will die mentaly sick, it has nothing to do with asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants and foreigners!

    Foreigners have no right here, nothing, exactly nothing.

    You think, you should pay penalty
    You open your mouth, they write you penalty
    You walk in streets, you sit in tram, you eat, you sleep, you should pay penalty to racist judges, racist police and dictatorship system and government, they will get rich and richer and you will get poor and poorer, this is Finland.

    Law of Finland is bully with no wise and completey racism, it is a law full of poison for both foreigners and some poor finns as well !

    Police is suffering? oh really, JOKE OF CENTURY ! but they are killing asylum seekers in ***Joutseno*** camp every single day under pressure and torture and they feel nothing, how its come?
    Asylum seekers are in cell and jail in Joutseno, weeks after weeks, months, year, …., …

    Does Dracula has any feekling ? is suffering ???

    Feel is for those who have heart, finnish police has no heart, so they are liar, they can not feel any pain and they are not able to suffe !

    Poliisi on rasisti!
    Fasisti ja fasisti!
    Lie lie after lie
    Bully bully all the time!