YLE in English: Supo looks into possible Finnish connection to Florence shooter

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Comment:  The tragic killing of two Senegalese men and wounding of three others by a far-right anti-immigration extremist in Florence on Tuesday may have a Finnish connection with Suomen Kansalinen Vastarnta (SKV), a neo-Nazi association, according to YLE in English. 

The mass killings in Norway in July and this week in Florence should be seen as wake up calls of the threat of far-right groups in Europe and how far they plan to go in order to get their hate message across.

In a recent poll by MTV3, presidential hopefuls Timo Soini of the PS, Kokoomus’ Sauli Niinistö and Christian Democrat Sari Essayah believed that the far right do not pose a threat to Finland.  


The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) is taking an interest in the racist shooting in Florence. The shooter, who killed two African immigrant street traders, belonged to a far-right organisation that also has Finnish members.

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