YLE in English: President Halonen – Racism will not remove injustice

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Comment: It is a good matter that Finland has a president, albeit outgoing, who is honestly concerned about racism and exclusion.  One particular comment in her interview on Sunday with YLE speaks a thousand words:  journalists, politicians, the clergy and teachers must break the cycle of hate speech. 

President Halonen states that there has been too much silence and complacency in our society to the rise of such a social ill. 

Finland is at a crucial crossroads that can lead to only one matter: greater polarization of society. 

What can we do? 

Leadership and a clear message by journalists, politicians, the clergy, teachers and the general public that we will not accept to live in a society built on racism and hatred. 


President Tarja Halonen says the increased incidence of racist comments in Finland is a symptom of the dark side of worldwide globalisation.

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  1. eyeopener

    Finland’s majority embraces the Tarja Halonen’s comments. Making a louder voice and taking a firmer stand against racism is the attitude that she addresses rightfully.

    So, dear Finns and foreigners break your silence and voice your disagreement with RACISM (open or hidden)!!

  2. eyeopener


    Regarding Halonen, there is possibly no one on the planet less qualified to comment on the issue than an elderly FInnish socialist apparatchik who has never had anything whatsoever to do with Africans, other than perhaps shaking the hands of a few dictators over the years or awarding diversity prizes to Somali children in Helsinki. Halonen lives in the fantasy world of Finnish and Swedish media and has almost certainly never been exposed to the “hate facts” known as demographic statistics that demonstrate systematic behavioral differences between the races. I would further assume that she has no clue as to the underlying fundamentals of biology and genetics, and like many elitist diversityists, considers words like “genes” or “heredity” to be horrifying hate speech.

    This is a comment I got on another blog discussing Racism in Finland.

    This person profiles her-/himself as an immigrant. And he/she presents her/himself as a Finnish citizen. He/she claims to be an immigrant. I believe it is a hoax just to be able to ventilate far right-wing opinions.

    He/she has the right to discuss opinions in this blog. No problems with that. Nevertheless I hold the opinion that you address people in office with the dignity and respect they deserve. Political differences do not allow for the above quotation (starting line of the comment).

    We are not sitting and waiting for the “Schläger-Gruppe” approach of the 30s.

    Even if I would disagree with internal politics (I am an immigrant) I could not describe the President of my new homeland in such wordings. I am flabbegastered by this behavior.

    However it shows the disrespect and lack of dignity that some people in Finland have towards their choosen and elected persons. Since the approach of the Danisn Nationalist Party it seems that a new way of addressing persons is due. I wonder if these parties (whereever in Europe) will acccept this way when you address their current ways of action. Let’s find out.

    Remember a strong idea: Fight fire with fire!!

  3. Arvostelija

    – Why president Halonen undersigned Finland’s Language Act on Sweden’s National Day? (6.6.2003)

    – Why the Chairman of Language Act Committee mr. Pekka Hallberg recieved a high rank decoration from the State of Sweden having finished his work as a Chairman of Language Act Committee?

    – Why secretary of Language Act Committee mister Sten Palmgren (Ministry of Justice)recieved 10 000 euro prize from a Swedish Foundation for his work as a civil servant in the Committee?

    • Migrant Tales

      Hi Arvostelija. Welcome to Migrant Tales. So what is your point? Is it that Swedish speakers have too much privileges in Finland?