YLE in English: Falling interest in party politics

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Comment:  Immigrants and Multicultural Finns living in this country have rightfully seen the victory of the Perussuaomalaiset (PS) party in April as a threat. A clear visible “enemy” if you will like the PS explains why some people have joined parties like the Greens and Left Alliance as a counterforce to the populist rhetoric spread by Timo Soini’s anti-EU and anti-immigration party.

According to YLE in English, the Greens and Left Alliance have grown in size due to the rise of the PS.   “People who have joined the Left Alliance and the Green League view the move as a countermeasure to the rise of the Finns Party,” said Juho Rahkonen, research director for the pollester Taloustutkimus. The membership of the PS has grown as well, according to YLE. 

Even if many people have not joined a political party it does not mean that they are apathetic. Political science Professor Heikki Paloheimo said that people have taken up political positions other ways than by joining a party. Some of these have taken political stands by signing positions, making consumer choices and taking part in social media. 

What party in Finland would suit immigrants and Multicultural Finns the best? 


Interest in political party membership seems to be in decline once again. While the Green League and the Left Alliance have had success in boosting membership figures, other parties are seeing stagnation in both membership and appeal.

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