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Comment:  Here is an example of the crowds that the four-year Perussuomalaiset’s tragic-comic play is attracting as a reaction to the party’s plans to tighten immigration policy.  The rally was organized with the help of Facebook. 

Writes YLE: “The organisers emphasised that the rally was not an attack against any group of people. However, it did aim to oppose the True Finns position on a number of issues, such as immigration, conservation, the status of linguistic minorities and gender equality. “

As the PS  willl see more opposition as it tries to turn Finland’s back on the world. It is a very positive sign that about 1,000 people rallied in front of parliament. It shows that immigrants and minorities in this country aren’t asleep.

Expect to see more types of these types of rallies.

As their election was a part of the democratic process so is the ever-growing outrage to the PS’ policies on immigration, refugees and minorities. 


About 1200 members of the public gathered in front of the Parliament in Helsinki to rally their countrymen to respect tolerance and multiculturalism.

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    • Enrique

      Hi Bernardo, welcome to Migrant Tales and I would like to be the first to raise my hat to you for taking part in yesterday’s rally. I agree: The grand majority of Finns don’t want our country to turn into a police state for immigrants. It will not be the last. The rallies will get bigger, I am certain. If you took part, could you tell us little about what it was like? Thank you.

    • Enrique

      –Whats wrong with Finnish sisu-culture? Are you xenophobic? I thought you were multicultural?

      I think he meant Suomen Sisu culture.

  2. Allan

    But what I find is that “tolerance” and ” multiculturalism” have an incompatibility problem as then you tolerate intolerance. As you can not pick and choose, or can you, And who decides what to pick and choose and by what authority? You have heard of Sila Sahin?
    So this is multiculturslism in action? The shop owner says he would kill his daughter if she did the same according to his culture. So where is the tolerance? Letting to kill or letting to strip?

    The Suomen Sisu crowd may well be as “cultural”.

    • Enrique

      –So this is multiculturslism in action? The shop owner says he would kill his daughter if she did the same according to his culture.

      As I mentioned in my long thread on multiculturalism, you cannot state that how it is implemented in one country is different from another. All western countries base their laws on human rights. Moreover, in a multicultural, or culturally diverse society, we are permitted to make choices in our lifestyles. That means FREEDOM from persecution.

  3. Maria

    I think the problem is that humans as a species are intrinsically racist everywhere, no matter the “ethnicity”, the other day I was reading about Somalia, I was interested in finding out about that country since before coming to Finland I never heard of it, and based on the comments people live in Youtube Somalis are hating on Ethiopians and vice-versa, they have a battle going on over who has the prettier women in North Africa (pretty stupid considering that everywhere there are beautiful people and ugly people), I found the same between Sweden and Finland, who has the prettier blondes (duh!!), same in Latin America, I have a Chinese friend who talks about mixed-blood people and pure blood people (:O) a Japanese friend who dislikes Koreans and so on, I think if we would get rid of labels, such as ethnicity and religion, the world would be a better place, in this sense I have a high respect for animals, when have you seen a Cocker Spaniel and a Labrador killing each other because Spaniels are better or Labradors are better, or lions hating other cats just because, no, they coexist, respect their own territories, when they are territorial and just kill for surviving, not for fun. (I know these might not be good examples or whatever but I am deeply disappointed with humans as a species)

    • Enrique

      –I think if we would get rid of labels, such as ethnicity and religion, the world would be a better place,

      How would you get rid of those labels?

  4. laimach

    We are sorry we’ve lost Sabato !! We need that kind of brave, critical and literary discussion
    around here !!!
    Rest in peace !!!

    • Enrique

      laimach, I am sorry to hear that! What a great man and writer! I had the opportunity back in 1983 to interview him briefly when he was heading the commission of those who disappeared during the military dictatorship. I loved reading his essays. Not only has Argentina lost a great writer but Latin America as well.

  5. Allan

    So Enrique, what makes this “western culture” then somehow better than other cultures it must be the standard? Or is it after all ” when in Rome do as the Romans do”? Your claim of freedom from prosecution looks to me like you advocate letting honor killings exist because of ” multiculturalism”. There is no reason to allow this kind of mindset exist is there? Or then you also must allow the freedom of Suomen Sisu being a part of Finnish culture an not be intolerant and discriminating agains them.

    And for Maria, when I read that I heard Lennon’s Imagine play in my mind.

    • Enrique

      Allan, did I ever say this? I think I made it very clear that the UN Declaration of Human Rights is a legal benchmark in many countries.

      Am I stating that Suomen Sisu should be banned? I said that I consider their type of ideology unacceptable in a democratic society. Anyone who reads Alfred Rosenberg and David Duke as the “classics” is, I believe, off track. Those that read these types of authors haven’t read their history thoroughly enough. Do you know who Rosenberg and Duke are? Have you read Rosenberg’s “The myth of the twentieth century?” It was required reading by the SS.

      For those who want to get into the mind of Nazi Germany, I recommend reading carefully the Nuremberg Trials. Nazi Germany is the antithesis of a lot of things like multiculturalism (social policy). This is an excellent place to start to grasp what went on in these people’s heads. In these trials you will read about Rudolf Hoess, Auschwitz’ commandant until 1942. If you read his diaries there is one sentence that sticks out. He states that the reason why he could send so many people to their deaths was because Heinrich Himmler had told him that if he did not kill Jews they’d end up killing the Germans.

      Take that sentence and put it in a 2011 context. Ever heard of the Islaomphobists warning us that “Islam will take over Europe?” Hmmmm. I guess all fanatics have the same issue with fear.

  6. StiflersDad

    Moreover, in a multicultural, or culturally diverse society, we are permitted to make choices in our lifestyles. That means FREEDOM from persecution.

    This is a wonderful idea as an idiology, whereas Maria is stating the emperical evidence as it stands in the modern world. I harbour no hard feelings towards anyone but, after spending my whole adult life travelling and working mainly in emerging economies, I strongly believe that relatively homogenous societies are the most stable and prosperous. Forceful mixing of cultures always leads to violent outcomes or sustained oppression. History is full of these examples and Maria is merely recounting some of the present examples.

  7. Maria

    Unfortunately Enrique, it is not possible to get rid of those labels because humans like to label things…
    Wouldn’t it be great if Imagine would become a reality? sadly I think it will always be an utopia.

    • Enrique

      OK, so it is utopia. Should we now start hating and killing each other? We do that already but should we pick up the pace. A society that has no ideals or dreams is bascially doomed.

  8. Maria

    Have you seen this video? I think it is quite good…

    I think what this journalist says makes sense, instead of bringing more and more people in, rich countries should implement ways of fighting poverty in those countries and making them suitable places for their citizens, I think in this sense access to free education in the world is key in improving the situation.

  9. Maria

    No, I’m not saying that, don’t put word in my mouth, I just think it is impossible to have the whole world accepting the whole world because humans are not intrinsically tolerant and peaceful, racism is not only here in Finland, IT IS EVERYWHERE, even in those countries like Somalia, where they have perhaps the worst living situation ever and still they have time for hating on their neighbors!