Woman attempts to stop deportation on Finnair flight but is escorted off the flight instead

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After Elin Ersson stopped a deportation of an Afghan asylum seeker with her courageous example on a flight from the Swedish city of Gothenburg to Istanbul in Turkey, a young Finnish woman called Aino Pennanen attempted to stop a similar deportation on a Finnair flight Tuesday by refusing to sit down. 

The captain of the Finnair flight said that he would not accept Pennanen’s request because the deported asylum seeker was a paying passenger.

Pennanen said on a Facebook posting that the police escorted her off the plane after the pilot called the police.

“The deported person was [sitting] in the back row, the police held him sightly and if he tried to move, his head shoved under the seat,” Pennanen writes on Facebook. “A number of passengers asked what was going and one asked me to stop [what I was doing] because the passenger had a connecting flight to catch.”

She continued: “I have no idea where this person (asylum seeker) is being taken and what will now happen to him. But in this situation, I did not have any other option but to help. I didn’t succeed.”

The woman said that she hoped that other passengers would resist deportations in the same way as her.

Pennanen said that Finland’s asylum policy lacks credibility and deporting people to countries like Afghanistan puts such people in harm’s way.

We at Migrant Tales applaud such civil disobedience.










  1. intternetnetsi

    You forgot to mention that she is green party member and a “member of making of law”. She should know that there is separation of powers for reason. She cant be juror, judge and executioner in same time. That was appalling disregard of law.

    So she stepped as, without any information, as judge and that’s not how things go. There is separation of who make laws, who interpret laws and who force laws for reason. She as one who make laws cant touch how its intrepred or forced. Criminal i say.

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