Winter in the North

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My apologies to all for the dry spell in writing. I’ve been busy writing my thesis, which I hope to finish in December. It has robbed all of my time.

Right now, however, I’m surrounded by sub-arctic winter. Like a lover claiming your heart, another magical season has descended — darkness and silence are sometimes so thick in these parts that you can almost lean against them without falling.

Winter can get very cold these parts as well. It may in such cases attempt to tuck you into bed and when this happens you are in a trance induced by darkness and winter. Normally in such cases you awake in spring by the vivid sounds of singing birds atop of budding trees.

There was a bit of sad news: Our dog Rosa, a boxer, was put to eternal sleep Nov. 22 at about 2:45PM. She was about 11 years old. Even if she’s no longer with me, I miss her a lot.


Rosa passed away on Nov. 22.

A nice saying my father told me: One must never be an egoist but with time you have to.

  1. suburbanlife

    Enrique – Rosa has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and has her wings now. It is sad to lose such a good companion, I know – we lost our two aged dogs last year. Rosa looks an absolute sweetie – this is a nice photo to remember her by.
    Oh, I envy you the Northern Lights – you’ll see them so much this winter. We live far too south and amongst too much urban light pollution to ever see them here. I miss the winter in the North. G

  2. nemoo

    Hi G, you are right about Rosa. I’m sorry to hear about your dogs as well. But that’s life: learning to give up things. Can you imagine being in Old Crow now? It must be truly fascinating yet sometimes depressing because of the darkness. The best way to combat the darkness is to look up at the stars and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.
    Many thanks as always for your nice thoughts.

  3. sean

    Come on Man get those fingeres snappin’
    I used your name on my blog today Sunday 20 01 08
    God, you’ll never live it down- it’s under “fellow spacers”
    connected with an artical you did, well, just the photo.