Why we call the Finns Party the Perussuomalaiset

by , under Enrique

Some may wonder why we don’t call on Migrant Tales the Perussuomalaiset (PS) by their official English name, the Finns Party. When I speak to people in English and mention the PS, they answer back by naming it the Perussuomalaiset.  

There was a lively discussion on Migrant Tales in 2010 on whether the correct translation of the PS was True, Basic or Elementary Finns.

When the PS decided to officially change its English name in August 2011 from True Finns to the Finns Party, that’s when I threw in the towel and had enough of the party’s populism. That’s why we call them the Perussuomalaiset on Migrant Tales.

And it is a good matter that we did not jump on their populist bandwagon.

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Far right attire? Read again: Suomi (Finland) is spelled Soumi. On the back of the shirt it reads: Winter War, 1939-1940, never forget. Source: www.varusteleka.fi

How many parties in Europe use names to exclude other ethnic groups?* One that comes immediately to mind is the far right British National Party and the Finns Party, which means the party of Finland’s ethnic majority, or white Finnish-speaking Finns.

The question I’d like to ask the National Coalition Party, Center Party, Social Democrats and others except the PS, is how they have permitted the PS to hijack a name like “the Finns Party” all for themselves?

If you are a white Finnish-speaking Finn, how can I be against a party that calls itself the Finns Party?

The same dangerous game has been played with success by other far right and populist groups, the PS included, which show off our national symbols and icons as if they were their personal property.


*For more reading on this topic, see Nationalism threatens racism, not war.