Why the Finnish media and police do not have credibility with minorities and migrants

by , under Enrique Tessieri

You bump into news and scoops.

When I was making a living as a journalist many years ago, I learned that the best way to get scoops was by having good sources. Even if this is clear, the question is how do you get those good sources so that you bump into news and scoops?

I use today in Migrant Tales the same strategy I used to get news and scoops when I lived off journalism. If you do things the right way with patience, news and scoops will come to you.

Rubbing off the old sell-by dates with new ones is easy. All you need is nail-polish remover, a rag, and a stamp with fake sell-by dates. Read the full story here.  Unscrupulous employers will do anything to exploit migrants and asylum seekers.

A classic example is the most recent example of a food distributor utilizing asylum seekers and changing the sell-by dates of its old products. This news “came to us” because we have a reputation for speaking out for vulnerable groups like asylum seekers. That reputation is backed by solid knowledge of the topic.

The fact that we get big scoops and the national media doesn’t so often is because it represents the interests of white Finnish power and privilege. The same goes for the police. Migrants and minorities don’t turn to the police for help in many cases because they do not trust them.

For these reasons, unscrupulous businesspeople and exploiters of migrants in Finland will continue to conduct business as usual because politicians, the media, and society are more concerned with reinforcing stereotypes and victimizing migrants and minorities than representing and protecting their rights.

We must stand up for our rights. Nobody else can do it for us except for us.



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