Why do some dark-skinned children in Finland fear the sun?

by , under Enrique Tessieri

There are many ways to measure how racism works on a day-by-day level and structurally in our society. Umayya Abu-Hanna wrote a while back how Finland’s middle class ensures that migrants and minorities can never compete economically, politically and culturally on an equal level with white Finns. 

Instead of prime ministers and government officials stating how much they are against racism, why don’t they actually challenge this social ill in earnest?

The reason why they don’t may surprise some: They don’t consider racism a serious enough problem.

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Source: www.beeanddaddoo.com

Racism in Finland starts from early childhood. Children are bullied at school because of their ethnic background, even some like Rebecka Holm are harassed in public by total strangers.

Racism is such a problem in our society that some dark-skinned children and adolescents don’t like to be in the sun too long because it darkens their skin.

What does this say about our society if some fear the sun?

It reinforces what Abu-Hanna stated and how children are made to feel inferior in our society because of their ethnic and cultural background.

Racism is a problem in our society.

And meanwhile some of our children will continue to fear the sun.