Why aren’t we hearing the opinion of the parents concerning the beating of a 10-year-old Muslim girl in Finland?

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The tragic picture of a 10-year-old girl below covered in blood kicked unconscious by her white Finnish classmates, raises a lot of interesting questions: One of these is why we’re not hearing what the victim’s parents have to say? 

We have seen this play out before. The police are quick to claim that there is no racist motive in the media but they make no claim of this in their official statement.

Why would the police play down what happened Espoo, Finland?

The reason is simple: The police are anxious that what happened may provoke a reaction from the Muslim community. By stating there is no racist motive they are calming the situation.

Even if the police and the school want to brush this off as an innocent scuffle between children, we have to dig deeper. If there is a racist motive, the police must treat it as such and not deny it.

Migrant Tales stands behind what it published earlier Wednesday and will continue to pursue relentlessly this story.

One of the matters that the parents of the girl asked is not to show her face in social media.

  1. intternetnetsi

    You are obviously too lazy to check police official page where are

    19.12.2018 klo 14.13 Jatkotiedote: Pohjois-Espoossa koulussa 17.12. tapahtunut pahoinpitelyteko (Länsi-Uusimaa)
    19.12.2018 klo 10.45 Pohjois-Espoossa koulussa 17.12. tapahtunut pahoinpitelyteko (Länsi-Uusimaa)

    both published because you and your friends spread lies.

  2. intternetnetsi

    Who taught you to spread lies? And why in other post my explanation is still “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”, is it because it doesnt fit your worldview?

    You could have checked new news, what were linked on comments, but you decided ingore everything and spread malice and hatred.

  3. intternetnetsi

    And from your older post. “tragic events of a knife attack by a young Moroccan asylum seeker in the summer of 2017”

    That was 2 racist terrorist murders and 8 racist terrorist attempted murders. According to your source. Add your topic or somewhere “its racist if i decide so and i ignore sources what i cherrypick”.

    In that study that was racist and by court it was terrorism.

  4. intternetnetsi

    Interet have told this picture started from non finn or anyone living in finland. Your “close friend” are probably not seen or know anyone.

    And your “non lethal”, police didnt use that. In their language (not serious) its bruises or similar. Generally something you get over in week. Your lie about lethal is idiotic.

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