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By Dana

Who takes responsibility for the racist crimes in Finland?

Is that an easy question? The answer?

Is that a difficult question?..it needs an answer, however, because it is a question.

I have right to ask whom?



The President of Finland?

What responsibilities does a president have in Finland?

Parliament? Ministries?

What do ministers do in parliament?

So how do u feel about my questions? Are they a crime? Cant i ask questions?

Then tell me about freedom of speech in Finland?

Do u want more questions?

Hey, freedom of speech tell me about the freedom to commit crimes

And tell me more and more, bring it out bright and bright

Hey freedom of speech tell me about my human rights

I could not find them here, i got a response: fight and fight and fight

Hey freedom of speech tell me about my women’s rights

No/one explained them to me, i got insulted, ruthlessly

Hey freedom of speech have u seen brave people in the wind?

I wish to see brave ones, they are like cool weather in a hot night

Hey freedom of speech tell me about a normal life and sight

I dont have them here, sigh, they are full of pride and pride and pride

  1. Brave

    Who is your favorite minister?
    What is your idea about parliament?

    Tell your personal opinions about president? Yes president… u feel shock with this question?
    I just ask questions.
    And dont tell me asking questions are forbidden and a crime in Finalnd.
    At least answer these to yours


    Brave,Brave,Brave wow thats some energy you got. I wish you are my sister. Awsome I bet Shakespeare will be jealous. Keep them coming. Legend

  3. Brave

    Thank u brother
    We are one family, sure.

    Light is coming in wind and wind calling my name
    Oh i am ready dear light and will stay with u
    Will sing with u my question and u spray my songs everywhere
    Love you and will love you light, i have no melody except U