Who needs a commissioner for protecting European values? What are “our” European values anyway?

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Why does the European Commission need a commissioner for the protection of “our” European values? Protection of what “European” values need protecting?

Are social exclusion and racism European values? What about the over 34,361 migrants who have died to May 2018 while crossing the Mediterranean Sea? What about Islamophobia? Fascism? Our unrepentant colonial past, among other dark spots?

What are our common values? Human rights? Respect for diversity and social equality? Are we hypocrites or do these laws only apply to white Europeans?

Apart from the 25 new commissioners being white, it’s clear that little will change concerning inequality and racism with EU President-elect Ursula von der Leyenwith.

The EU is such a hostile place for some minorities these days that even the mere suggestion of a little diversity causes a hostile knee-jerk reaction.