Who is Finland’s Marjorie Taylor Greene?

by , under Enrique Tessieri


Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the far-right conspiracy monger who was voted out of her two committee assignments this week. In the age of misinformation, peddling conspiracy theories and racism are rewarded handsomely.

Voters are gullible and conspiracy lies are quickly consumed with the help of the eyes and ears.


Greene claimed a lot of weird and dangerous things like violence against fellow representatives, school shootings that killed children that she considered false flags, and even Jewish laser beams from outer space that set forest fires in California.

Here is the question: Who is Finland’s Marjorie Taylo Greene?

That is not a tricky question. In the Finnish context, it would be none other than MEP Laura Huhtasaari, the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* politician with the sinister kindergarten smile.


Even if Huhtasaari has not written about Jewish laser beams from outer space, she is an avid supporter of former US President Donald Trump like Greene, hates Muslims like Greene, and even reposted and flirts with QAnon malarkey, like Greene.

The extremist Qanon ideology, which was responsible for storming the Capitol building sees mass military roundups of Trump’s enemies like Democrats and pedophiles that will be executed.

Huhtasaari is known, like Greene, for making quack statements but in a Finnish context. I am pretty certain that if Huhtasaari were from the US, she’d be – if she isn’t already – one of Greene’s blind followers.

In this tweet, Huhtasaari alleges that the only superpower on Earth is now under communist control after Joe Biden’s election victory. Others of her tweets include stating that the EU is turning into a Soviet Union.


If Greene were a man, his Finnish double would be none other than MP Ano Turtiainen, who believes, among other quackery, that Covid-19 is nothing more than an underhanded global plot to control people.

After getting sacked from the PS parliamentary group last year, the party has not reinstated him due to his views on Covid-19.