White Finnish privilege #54: Disguising your racism, bigotry, and prejudices effectively

by , under Enrique Tessieri

In Finland, there are many ways how white people and their institutions discriminate against people of color, migrants and minorities in general. Since all forms of discrimination are highly adaptive, they can also effectively disguise their racism, bigotry, and prejudices. 

Apart from an employer claiming that a person does not speak Finnish well enough to be hired, another form of widespread discrimination is the white savior complex used against groups like the Muslims.

The white savior complex, which is deeply entrenched in the worst forms of ethnocentrism, functions as an effective weapon to oppress and exclude other minorities and migrants as well.  This form of racism is especially prevalent – the list is not all-inclusive – among social workers, teachers and represenatives of multicultural associations.

Their racism, if exposed in the raw, would reveal the following:

“I don’t like you because you are a Muslim but I cannot say that too directly. But if you let me fill your head with ideas like taking off your hijab, how backward your culture is, and that women are equal (sic) in Finland blah blah blah, that will let me oppress you with near-impunity. You see, I’m not interested in your equality, but that you remain an unequal member of society.”

A good example of an oppressed person by a white savior and his or her institutions is one who never finds work to make enough money to stand on his or her feet financially. Such people form part of an integration project that excludes them from society indefinitely.

The best form of integration would be to teach such people of color to become active citizens and to challenge the very system that oppresses and excludes them.

But that would be too dangrous for some because it would end up jeopardizing their power and privilege over such groups.

Thus, ironically, preaching Nordic values such as social equality and mutual respect to such people are too risky and dangerous.

White Finnish privilege #54

Since white people have the power to decide what is racist or not, they decide how you will be excluded.

The best way to expose this form of racism is to denounce it publicly and expose how it works.

One of the most difficult matters about exposing this form of racism is that there are few checks and balances to challenge them. Usually, the regulator is just as bad as the perpetrator.

The good news is that no oppressive system is immortal.

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