While the rest of the world moves forwards towards gay rights, the Christian Democrats of Finland go the Putin way

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Päivi Räsänen has a lot to say for herself. As a god fearing, christian woman, Minster of Interior for the Finnish government, and the official representative of the Christian Democrats, Her party managed to hold on to 6 seats, the lowest number amongst any Finnish political party.

Yet, as we read this, instead of wondering what might have made her party so unpopular that it was scraping the bottom of the election barrel for votes, She has decided to continue with her Anti gay rhetoric, with statements like, “the sanctity of marriage is between a man and a woman only”, and then stating, “Preventing social exclusion is a top priority”.

In todays times, countries like Canada, many states in US of A, Ireland amongst many others, are all progressing forwards, recognizing that homosexuality is a natural evolutionary trait that has nothing to do with social norms, diseases or psychological issues. These countries have carved into their history their willingness to respect human rights. Legalizing gay marriage separates the state form the church, and openly displays that the bond between two people cannot and should never be dictated by anyone else.

However, (I love this word), our dear friend Päivi, has decided to turn a blind eye to progress, and go backwards in league with Russian anti gay policies. Gays are being tortured, abused and prosecuted unfairly in many third world countries, from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran to Russia. Apparently Päivi wants to join them.

Now, Päivi loves using the Christian bible to make her points. Bible this, bible that. OK!! Here is a cease and desist from the bible itself. Read and weep!

Timothy 2:12 does not permit a woman to teach or assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.

Not to mention she should have her head covered all the time, according to the bible. She should also be her husbands servant, amongst many other things. A little double standard, eh Päivi?

  1. D4R

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