What kind of a year was 2014 for our ever-growing culturally diverse society?

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For Finland’s ever-growing culturally and ethnically diverse community, 2014 will be remembered for many good and bad things. At the top of the good things, there’s the Olen suomalainen video but the list of toxic news far outweighs the latter like Tom Packalén’s “racist youth mobs with migrant backgrounds” and Pia Kauma’s “baby carriages.” 

Migrant Tales wishes its readers a wonderful New Year.


The year brought us some disturbing stories about migrant children, who lag two years in Pisa tests when compared with white Finns. Children with migrant parents were also more prone to face bullying, physical and sexual harassment at schools.

One of the best myth-busting stories written in the year was by Pekka Myrksylä, who claimed in a blog entry  that the majority of migrants in Finland live in poverty.

There were many, many more stories in 2014 about our cultural diversity that will be published more in detail in Finland & cultural diversity 2014  in the beginning of January.

Migrant Tales is a blog community. We therefore seek your opinions and input about what you considered the biggest story or challenges facing our culturally diverse community this year in Finland and Europe.

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  1. Yossie

    Very revealing year. Mostly immigrant youths doing serious violence against others just for the fun of it, people with immigrant background leaving to fight, kill and enslave non-muslims in the ranks of ISIS.

    • Enrique Tessieri

      What’s wrong with this comment, Yossie? You are generalizing and victimizing as usual one group on the basis of a few tales that you’ve twisted to suit your own prejudices. Is that a correct description of your position?