What happened in France was horrendous, the reaction of Islamophobes is just as bad

by , under Enrique Tessieri

It is dreadful what happened in France when a man beheaded a teacher for showing students caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Any sensible person, irrespective of his or her background, would condemn what happened. Even so, Islamophobes from the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party were already spreading racism and trying to score political points.

Having lived in Argentina during a terrible dictatorship 1976-83, young people had three choices to change society: remain silent, move abroad, join a guerrilla group, and kill people.

Killing anyone for his or her ideas should be condemned strongly without labeling whole groups as terrorists.

One of the matters that racist parties like the PS forget is that they blame the whole group like @sallykohn tweets so eloquently.

I answered PS MP Sebastian Tynkkynen’s Islamophobic tweet.

Tweet: “Remember what happened has nothing to do with Islam, because Islam is a religion that promotes peace.”

Tynkkynen hits back at my tweet and asked what was racist about it?

I explained to him that generalizing or assuming (when you assume you make an ass out of you and me) is what racists do to drive home their point.

Tynkkynen is gay. I asked him if it was ok to make generalizations about gay people and the crimes they commit? That would be flirting with homophobia, just like he constantly does with Islamophobia.

Meanwhile, the PS, which, like Tynkkynen, sees no racism in its ideology, decided to celebrate an asylum reception center’s closing in the northern Finnish city of Kemi Saturday.

In a tweet below by PS party secretary, Simo Grönroos, an ardent ethnonationalist and member of the far-right Suomen Sisu association, stated: “A Yle journalist called and asked if it was appropriate to celebrate with a coffee event the closing of the asylum reception center. I answered that is an excellent idea to offer a coffee event with cake, and in our opinion, migration on asylum grounds should be stopped.”

What does Grönroos mean? Like his boss Jussi Halla-aho, does he want Finland to shut its borders to asylum seekers and Finland to ditch its international agreements?

Yes, that is exactly what he wishes and means.

Take a look at some of the “illustrious” PS guests at the coffee event in Kemi.

PS Kemi councilor Harri Tauriainen is one of them. He’s known for many racist quotes like the one below:

“…it’s odd that we can’t put in line in Finland this colored human trash. Just put a stamp on their ass and deport them for good from Finland.”

Here are posts from his Facebook page that have been cleaned up. Nice guy, no? As Tynkkynen would say, nothing racist about what he is posting.

  1. Yossie

    You are such a hypocrit Enrique! For you it is pretty much the same as you blame others:

    non-white shooter: mentally troubled lone wolf; biggest villains are the white people making news about it.

    white shooter: entire race guilty by proxy of racism.

    When it comes to assuming, you are by far the worse offender. Remember Eskilstuna fire? You jumped the gun claiming racism (=white people) without any knowledge. You were wrong like usual. Not to mention every time something bad happens to a migrant, the right away assume it is a hate crime.