What do Finland’s political parties think about refugees and immigrants?

by , under Enrique

There were two interesting stories published this week about what political parties in Finland feel about refugees and immigrants. The findings are based on a questionnaire answered by candidates running for city council. Elections will be held on Sunday, October 28. 

YLE revealed that 31.5% of all PS candidates fully agreed that their municipality should not accept any refugees versus 4.6% who disagreed totally. That was followed by the Center Party (7.1%/11.9%), National Coalition Party (5.8%/15.9%) and Social Democrats (3.9%/27%).

The Greens were the most favorable to refugees. Only 0.3% totally agreed that their municipality should not accept any refugees while 60.7% totally agreed.

One of the questions asked by MTV3 was if the candidate thought that there were “too many immigrants” in their municipality.  Surprisingly, the PS thought there were just enough immigrants while other parties thought there were too many.


The question by MTV3 is pretty loaded since it’s extremely rare that anywhere, even in countries with few immigrants, people would state that there are too few  foreigners.

That is why the response by the PS is very revealing since it may show remorse by some candidates for the party’s tough anti-immigration stance.

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