Welcome back Dana!

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Migrant Tales insight: Dana is a talented poet from Iran and a victim of the Finnish Immigration Service. I met her through this blog in 2012.

I wrote back in 2015: “After a year and six months, I got an email from Dana, who has written many beautiful and powerful poems for us. I was delighted to hear from her after such a long time. Those who remember, the passing away of her parents in such a short time was a terrible blow for her. She had tried to bring them to Finland, but this wasn’t possible due to our tight family reunification laws.

I’d like to personally welcome Dana back to our community. We look forward to reading many of her poems in the future.

You can read Dana’s poetry and opinion pieces here.

When you read her poetry and essays, remember that she is only a person who has, apart from God, only words to defend herself.

Her situation begs a question: Why has Finland brought so much hardship on her? You would have to read her poems and blog entries to get the full answer to that question.

Welcome back again, Dana. We missed you.


Finland is a deadly country, a country that creates death. The country that produces death

Finland is a deadly country. It means that Finland creates and creates death. Yes, you heard right, Finland is a country that produces death and misery. Finland is a country that earns a lot of money by selling weapons and being rich and wealthy. And the world is proud of being first. But is the country that kills innocent children and oppressed helpless women the country of the first world? What does the first world really mean? The bullying countries of the world always insult the poor countries and classify everyone according to class. Let’s go back to Finland, which kills and makes money by producing weapons in third-world countries. The Finnish government and newspapers, television, news, etc., information and hide the people’s truth. There are no real journalism and journalists in all of Finland. They are all, without exception, terrified and terrified of dictatorial laws. Today, I will talk a little about the hidden truth so that the dear universe can see the real face of Finland.

Read the full story, which was published in 2016, here.

You can read a lot of fake news about Finland on the Internet like Finland is the happiest country in the world, or that Finland is peaceful, or that Finland’s education is the best, or countless other lies. Still, you will not find a lot of bitter truth about Finland on the Internet… But I am the light, and I attack the darkness, and I oppose oppression, and all the truths appear in the light. In what cities and regions are the Finnish arms factories? Who are the investors in these factories? What are their names? What is their main occupation?) (Excuse me, I know the answer to this question, of course, their main occupation is murder, genocide, child murder) Who works in these factories? Can they sleep at night? Can they look in the mirror during the day? Where do the power and energy of these factories come from? Which internet company sells their internet and telephone to them? These are all serious situations for research, but Which justice and law are interested in discovering these facts? Of course, there is no honorable justice and law in Finland that wants to pursue these issues. But what about outside Finland? In Europe? Finland produces death, war, bloodshed, terror, explosions with Finnish weapons in different parts of the world; in the Middle East, children are orphaned, women become widows, men die, and Life turns to destruction and darkness. But on the other side of the Finnish government, the Finnish capitalists, the Finnish president, parliamentary ministers, the City of Helsinki organization, … and the rest of the fans enjoy sauna and beer. They make themselves big and wise in their small minds and the rest of the nation and people and nations small. And they think ignorantly. Well, now I am, you thought I was small, but I grew in your little mind, grew bigger and bigger, and now I’m crushing you under the pen of justice. Long Live Wise Dana!  Long live the GOD of the heavens and the earth, who is all-knowing and all-wise and true. GOD has given me a pen of fire that plows and turns upside down and burns darkness from its roots and bears fruit and creates wonders. Thanks, and thousands of thanks to my Lord, who is close to broken hearts. God is merciful to the poor women and children of the war camps.  GOD knows all the tired children in Syria and Iraq, GOD sheds the tears of hopeless women, GOD does not tolerate weapons, GOD is peace and security, and GOD is against the oppressors. Finland*s name will forever be blacklisted in history. History will never forget, and the law of karma is at work. Whatever Finland does and does to others, in fact, attracts thousands of times more, the oppressors attract death and destruction. The virtuous also attract goodness and truth. Reveal to God and His unique laws. Well done to the law of karma. The law of justice and peace!   

Finland or ISIS – which one is worse?