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By Enrique Tessieri

Some may ask why Migrant Tales is a blog written in English. When I started this blog in May 2007, I thought that English would be an effective filter to leave out the knee-jerk and sometimes openly hostile attacks from Hommaforum and Scripta. 

In the past year, especially after the April election, Migrant Tales has seen record growth and we feel pretty strong today. We have gone through many debates and situations during our short existence.

As we’ve grown into that “humble voice” we have become stronger and more convinced about our convictions.

As editor of Migrant Tales, I welcome more blog entries and comments in Finnish and Swedish. People can in theory respond in any language they please. Google translator makes it possible.

Another language that we’ve used on and off on this blog is Spanish.

  1. Seppo

    This blog includes some very interesting and important discussions on Finland and its future. Therefore its good to get more readers. Using more Finnish might help in reaching the so-called ordinary Finns.

    Hyvä jos käytetään enemmän suomea ja myös muita kieliä.

    Jag är redo att diskutera även på svenska.

  2. eyeopener

    The best thing is to engage in real dialogue. Even though I do not speak Finnish properly and have no command of Swedish I -from my part as a foreigner in Finland- hope that you will participate.

    Welcome and dialogue with others about the environment in which foreigners in Finland live, work and integrate.

    We welcome critical points of view that question the integration challenges that foreigners meet – psychologically, social, economical etc.-

    We do not seek advice. We are adults who have made a decision. Or: had no other choice than LIVE or DIE.

    Many might think because of “social welfare tourism”. We don’t think so. We want a life as much as Finns want.

    However, integration is not a “PLUG-AND-PLAY” game. We seek understanding of the challenge to be a foreigner in Finland.

    • Migrant Tales

      –However, integration is not a “PLUG-AND-PLAY” game. We seek understanding of the challenge to be a foreigner in Finland.

      Very well said, eyeopener. I hope many people will read what you wrote because it has a lot of meaning.

  3. eyeopener


    We do not seek charity. We seek recognition as a human being.

    This requires from Finns to adapt to other ways of living as well. Finland’s world is changing as much as Finns change the world. Just look at how many Finns retire abroad? Sign on the wall??

    We seek respect for what we contribute to Finnish society. Foreigners are not the cause of Finland’s problems at the moment. Finns and foreigners are in this “downturn” together and alike.

    This blog is a platform to exchange not a platform to ventilate “racist, anti-semitic, anti-islamic, sexist or any other -isms.

    Be welcome to participate constructively.

    As simple as that!!

  4. D4R

    My wife is Finnish swedish, i would like to present her to you, she promised that she wil come and share her story in this blog. She has faced racism many times, so she will write something bout her fair share of racism in Finland.

    • Migrant Tales

      D4R, that would be very nice to hear your wife’s story.

  5. D4R

    I will correct myself, not racism , but discrimination, we have to distinguish racism and discrimination, my wife faced discrimination but ive faced racism due to my color of my skin.

  6. Allan

    “When I started this blog in May 2007, I thought that English would be an effective filter to leave out the knee-jerk and sometimes openly hostile attacks from Hommaforum and Scripta. ”

    Time-travellers from December 2008 visited you in May 2007 ? How interesting, please elaborate further, we have interest in learning of this technology.

  7. Mark


    Time-travellers from December 2008 visited you in May 2007 ?

    I see you are gracing us again, and with your usual penchant for logical fallacy.:D

    I suppose the implicature in English can be a bit difficult to grasp sometimes: In this case, I would have thought you would understand that in English one can talk about past events in the light of subsequent events by using implicature.

    E.g. When I first went to university, I really thought a qualification in Subject A would help me get a job

    Question? Did it help him get a job? No. How do we know? The unspoken implicature is that it didn’t help him get a job. Did he know this when he went to university? Did he take it into account as one reason for choosing Subject A? Seems so.

    Cue….fifteen posts about why you are right, even in the face of perfectly sensible arguments that show your logic to be anything but logical.

  8. Allan

    Mark, i don’t know any other implicature other than that you are stupid. Enrique started this blog in May 2007 in English to avoid openly hostile attacks from Hommaforum, established in December 2008. That to me implicates time travel, or ability to predict the future.

    On the other hand, the timeline would explain how this blog can have caused Hommaforum to be established.

  9. Mark


    Mark, i don’t know any other implicature other than that you are stupid.

    I see you have a new tactic for dealing with me, Allan :D. Just call him stupid, eh!

    So, you don’t know what an implicature is and couldn’t be bothered to look it up. Well, it’s information that is understood between two communicators that is derived from the words of one of them but which is not explicitly stated in the text. Much like if I ask you if you are going to hang around Helsinki with me looking at immigrants [the offer is still open, Allan], and you say, ‘sorry, I’m having my nails done!’, which I take to mean, ‘no’, even though you haven’t actually said no.

    So, you said that Hommaforum wasn’t established when this blog started. Fine. Nowhere did Enrique say that this blog ’caused’ Hommaforum to be established, so I imagine that is just your addled brain cells trying to put out a semi-coherent sentence, and as usual, failing miserably.

    Enrique said that he deliberately chose English to avoid the knee-jerk reactions and openly hostile attacks coming from Hommaforum users. I’m assuming therefore that he’s referring to the more recent attacks, and that in hindsight, it hasn’t necessarily helped. I also imagine that he’s thought about using more Finnish (and probably Swedish) since originally founding the blog and that more recently he has thought that English does keep away some of the more rabid racists in Hommaforum.

    But hey, you found him out to be a liar, didn’t you Allan. So go on, go back to Homma and tell all your buddies that you caught Enrique with his pants down and spanked his arse! I’m sure you’ll get some kudos!

  10. eyeopener

    Hi Mark

    So simple: the timeline WOULD (my capitals) explain how this blog CAN (my capitals) have caused Hommaforum to be established. It is amazing simple to suggest possible explanations but no evidence.

    Very very simple!! Unworthy argumerntation but what can you expect from simple persons??

    Simply nothing.And that’s exactly what his argumentation is: NOTHING, just B……………T 🙂

  11. eyeopener

    The time-travelling you are interested in is the past!! Probably you are looking for a justification of your ideas in the 1930-1945 period.

    But that’s not enough. You seek to find your arguments in the 17-18th century. The GOLDEN AGE of England. Oh man, thta was a cool period. Yeah!! True. For the rich and famous!!

    But your time travelling doesnot stop there. No you want to go back the the times of THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, Richard the Lionheart etc.

    Does Anders Breivik’s name ring a bell in your head? Studied his manuscript?? Probably you did. And……according to your writings you agree. Let’s wait and see what will be the verdict and sentence for Mr. Breivik!! Your destination………..??

    Time travelling is very simple, you know. Don’t make it too complicated!! Beyond your understanding.