Was the death of an Afghani asylum seeker at Luona’s reception center due to negligence?

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Migrant Tales published on Friday a story where it asked about the circumstances of the death of an asylum seeker, Jayyed Abbas Jaffari (1995-2016), in early January that was staying at Luona’s reception center in Espoo. Was there negligence or not by the private company that runs reception centers in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa?

Luona claims that there was no negligence, or inadequate treatment, concerning the death of the young Afghani asylum seeker at its reception center in Espoo’s Nihtisilta.


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But who should we believe? Has there been an independent investigation?

There are many unanswered questions not only about Jaffari but how asylum seekers are treated at Luona’s reception centers. While the Finnish Immigration Service (FIS) is responsible for the treatment of asylum seekers at reception centers, do they have adequate resources to do so?

Here’s what Migrant Tales has heard since Friday’s story:

  • Employees at Luona have resigned due to the poor and humiliating treatment of asylum seekers as well as to the deficient medical attention they receive by the company;
  • Luona’s employees are informed not to call an ambulance without prior permission of the manager, who is difficult to reach and does not answer the phone;
  • One of the reasons why some patients, probably Jaffari, didn’t get to the hospital on time was because they had to get permission from the manager, who is speculated to be sleeping on Sunday morning and/or had his mobile phone switched off;
  • Jaffari visited the nurse at the Espoo reception center for three consecutive days. He was told to take Paracetamol and drink hot tea;
  • The manager who was on duty did not appear at work for two weeks after Jaffari’s death;
  • Many other medical treatment issues of asylum seekers are reported daily at Luona’s reception centers;
  • Employees and asylum seekers have complained to FIS about the situation;
  • FIS and the police have brought up Jaffari’s death and are said to be carrying out some sort of investigation to clear up the matter;
  • The Finnish parliament sent a questionnaire to Luona inquiring about how it runs its reception centers.

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